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Word 2010


Microsoft offers online self-paced training for the various components of Office 2010. This training will walk you through the various features that are available in the new version and how to do certain things in the program.

Self-Paced Training: Click here to access the self-paced training for Microsoft Word 2010.

What's New in Word 2010

New Image Editing/Artistic Effects

When you insert an image into a Word 2010 document, you now have more options to control how the image looks in your publication. When you click on the image to select it, a new tab section will appear in the Ribbon called Picture Tools. You can click on the Format tab to access options for customizing your image.

This tab can be used to perform color corrections on your image, add a border, shadows, or even change the layout and position of your image relative to the page.

Note: In order to drag your image around your document, you must select the In Front of Text or Square options under the Wrap Text button. Otherwise, your image will be in-line with your document.

Note: If you are using the In Front of Text wrapping option, you may want to lock down your image when you have it in place to make sure that it doesn't move when other text and objects are moved around it. To do this, click on the image, then click on the Position > More Layout Options... menu item. Uncheck Move object with text and checkmark the Lock anchor box at the bottom of the screen. Click OK and your image will be locked down.
Special effects can be applied to your image by clicking on the Artistic Effects button. These effects will Auto Preview, so all you need to do is point to an effect to see what your image will look like. When you find one that you like, click on it to automatically change your image.

New Text Effects
Text Effects can be applied to text in Microsoft Word to make headings and special items more eye-appealing. To apply a text effect, simply highlight any text in your document and click on the Text Effects button on the Home tab.
You can also use the menus at the bottom of this list, such as Shadow, Reflection, or Glow to add a more custom feel to the text you have highlighted.

Insert a Screenshot
Word 2010 makes it easy to insert a picture of a window that is open on your computer's desktop. Simply go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click on the Screenshot button. You will see a visual list of the open windows on your screen. Clicking on one of these will automatically insert a picture of that window into your document.

To capture a custom area of your screen, you can click on the Screen Clipping tool. This will automatically minimize Microsoft word and will allow you to draw a rectangle around the area of the screen you would like to capture.

New Navigation Pane
The new Navigation Pane in Microsoft Word provides you with an outline-like view of your document, making it easier to jump around to different sections of that file. To turn on the Navigation Pane, click on the View tab and go to Navigation Pane.