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Using Clickers in the Classroom

Clickers and Participation

So what can clickers be used for? Through a student response system, clickers can be utilized to fulfill various aspects in a course. Some different uses for clickers include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking attendance

  • Class participation through answering questions

  • Quizzes

  • Springboard for discussion

  • Guiding class lectures

How you use the clickers in your class is based on preference and course style. For more ideas and tips, visit our Additional Resources page.

TurningPoint and D2L

There is currently no integration with TurningPoint and D2L. Participant lists can be generated using TurningTechnologies Instructor Web Registration Utility site. Instructors will need to create an account on the Web Registration Utility site and set up their classes. Students will then go to the Student Web Registration Utility site to register their 'clickers'. Instructors will also be able to download the participant lists from the site. Updates as available will be posted. Contact the LTC with any questions.