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TurningPoint Software Information

There are two softwares available to be used with the clickers.

  • TurningPoint - Integrates into PowerPoint; Available for PC only

  • TurningPoint Anywhere - Available for PC and Mac

With TurningPoint AnyWhere you can easily poll outside of PowerPoint® - Extending your capabilities to poll in ANY application. Using a floating toolbar, TurningPoint AnyWhere allows you to poll from content in whiteboard software, web browsers, PDFs, Word documents, Mac Keynote® and more.


TurningPoint encourages interactive class participation as well as dynamic discussions. TurningPoint delivers immediate interactive response functionality to students and educators. Professors can utilize this technology in the classroom to evaluate the collective understanding of the entire class and track individual student learning at the point of instruction. Use TurningPoint interactive questions for reviewing assigned materials, confirming attendance, awarding participation points, grading tests, and more. Automatically create and run reports for virtually all your course needs; from individual student participation scores to entire section results, or evaluate results based on demographics or work groups.

TurningPoint Features & Functions

  • Comparative Results - Pre/post assessment. (PC)

  • On-the-Fly Slide - Create slides within presentation mode. (PC)

  • Constructed Response - Fill-in-the-blank answer types for alphanumeric input.

  • Scoring, Competitions and Teams - Use games to engage students and reinforce key concepts. (PC)

  • Conditional Branching - Non-linear presentations based on student responses.

  • Ease-of-Use - Plug and play hardware setup.


TurningPoint Anywhere

TurningPoint AnyWhere uses a floating toolbar that will run in conjunction with any application. Move the toolbar anywhere on screen so that other programs are visible - even hide it in your taskbar to conceal the application completely. Result graphs open in a new window and generate reports for further analysis.

Key Features Include:

  • Floating Toolbar - place it anywhere on screen, poll and collect data

  • Open/Close Polling - one click at anytime, regardless of other programs

  • Dynamic Charting - will appear in new window and update in real-time with results

  • Reporting Function - detailed reports in HTML format, export into CSV format

  • Edit Session - use the Session Viewer to make changes to current session

  • Question List - create and load question list for advanced polling preparation

  • Custom Questions - create questions on-the-fly and insert into session as needed

  • Participant List - track individual results, gauge participant assessment instantly

  • Display Information - question and connection information viewable in toolbar

  • Full Screen Mode - display questions and results in full screen mode for easy view

  • Screen Shot Report - captures questions, results and screen shot of each question

  • Real-Time Registration - using participant list, have audience register devices

  • Participant List Display - shows current participant list to identify attendees

  • Anonymous Polling - start polling anonymously anytime under main menu

  • Countdown Timer - countdown to close polling, add, subtract or pause time instantly

  • Response/Non Response Grid - see who has and who hasn't responded in real-time