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Looking for an internship or your first job after graduation can be nerve-racking but the Department of Communication is here to help with your transition from college student to working adult.  We're not only here to help you succeed in class but also to make sure you craft the career path you want for your future.  Take a look through this link for help on everything from resumes to interviews.  Look through the list of alumni jobs from the Department of Communication to see where you could work after graduation.  Moreover, get a head start on looking for your perfect internship or job while browsing through our career links.  Start your road to success now by preparing yourself for the future!

Every student should think about career development from their first semester on.  Here is a list of steps you should take as you move through your academic program here at Clarion:

  • Learn to work well on a team and develop leadership skills.
  • Get experience with public speaking by joining the Debate Club, Toastmasters, or other public speaking events.
  • Explore specializations within the major and professional field. Select electives to enhance knowledge in area(s) of interest.
  • Obtain experience through part-time employment, co-op, internships, or volunteer experience.
  • Get involved in campus activities and professional associations.

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Top-notch professionals and experienced Communication majors spent Tuesday evenings this past spring sharing their secrets for success in landing a great internship or job.  The Internship Opportunity Workshops give our students a first-hand glimpse of what employers are looking for from college students.  The I.O.U. Workshops will be an annual program for students to attend each year.

HJ Heinz senior recruiter Jim Garboden gave Clarion University students the inside-scoop on how to get hired.  Here are the links of the tips he offered to students during our first "Internship Opportunities" workshop:




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100 Simple Secrets of Successful People:

Tip # 55: Remember the Difference Between You and Everybody Else

Turn on the evening news, and you'll see another day's catalog of terror and trauma. Read the business page, and you'll see which local company is downsizing. Our big-picture perspective can be shaped, or misshaped, by attention-grabbing events.

The news doesn't cover people who had a particularly good day and return home to their happy families. The news doesn't cover the continued existence of a healthy company.

Don't let the negative picture of the world cloud your perspective. 

Source: Niven, D. (2006). 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.