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Class of ’61 Honors Scholars


The Scholarship

The Class of 1961 thanks Clarion for its proud traditions and outstanding levels of scholarship which enabled each of them to achieve and maintain success in their professional lives.

This endowment was established in honor of their 50th anniversary of graduation.

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When the Class of 1961 entered Clarion, it was strictly a college dedicated to producing outstanding teachers. To continue that tradition, this scholarship is earmarked for an outstanding Honors Program student majoring in education. 

It is their wish that this scholarship enables a worthy student to achieve his/her goals and continue the standards upon which Clarion was founded–professionalism, high academic achievement, and strong sense of community.



•    3.4 or above quality-point average
•    Good standing in the Honors Program
•    Major in the College of Education & Human Services
•    Dedication to teaching
•    Demonstrated financial need