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Dr. Gerald Thomas


Gerald Thomas, Ph.D.

  • 1994, University of Kentucky, Geography of Development, Caribbean Geography, Race, Class and Gender Issues, Social Theory.

  • Dr. Thomas is a Human Geographer with interests in how politics of social categories of race, class and gender affect the social construction of space. This involves the symbolism of architectural features, the planning process, and the resulting spatial organization of the built environment.  He also has an interest in Globalization and the process and theories of the development of poorer regions of the world particularly when viewed from the approach of the historical impact of colonialism, social justice and sustainability.  Of particular note is the role of Tourism in terms of economic development and cultural exchange/tensions and environmental impact. Regional interest includes the Caribbean/Island Regions, Canada, and the USA.  Dr. Thomas has recently returned from a sabbatical in Puerto Rico where he considered the relationship between the independence movement, the growing local interest in Tainos cultural heritage and tradition, and the tourist industry.