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Dr. Anthony Vega, Department Chairperson

Geology Professors 006

Anthony J. Vega, PhD.

  • 1994, Louisiana State University, Meteorology, Climatology

  • Dr. Vega has approximately 50 peer reviewed science publications on climate change and variability, atmospheric teleconnections, severe weather, tropical cyclone climatology, and paleoclimatology. He has also authored numerous books including the textbook Climatology, and The Weather and Climate of Louisiana. Additionally, he has authored numerous book chapters and many grey literature publications and reports on the atmosphere and climate. Further, he has appeared on the History Channel, ABC News, and Canadian Public Television as a weather expert.

Dr. Vega's CV

Teaching Schedule for Spring 2013:

  • ES 280:C01 (Meteorology) -- MWF 10:00-10:50 -- 123 STC

  • ES 385:W01C (Climatology) -- ONLINE