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FAQ: How to Restore Deleted Messages in Outlook 2010


Microsoft Office 2010:

1.  Open up Microsoft Outlook

2.  Click on the Deleted Items folder.
     (If you can't see the list of folders, select Folder List under the View menu.)


3.  Look to see of the deleted e-mail is listed in the 'deleted items' folder.  If not, then it must have been
     deleted over 45 days ago and has since been moved to the e-mail retention area of Exchange for
     an additional 15 days.


Special Note:  When viewing e-mails in your 'deleted items' folder you can determine
                          when that particular e-mail will be moved from your 'deleted items'
                          folder to the 'retention' area (for an additional 15 days) by looking at
                          the "Expires" date (see below)After this time (total of 60 days from
                          time e-mail was first deleted) that particular e-mail is gone and can no
                          longer be restored.



4.  Proceed to step 5 if this is the case, if you found your deleted e-mail then it's recommended that you
     move or make a copy to another folder for safe keeping such as your Inbox or other folder.  You may
     stop at this point since you found your e-mail and successfully restored it.

5.  Click on the Folder tab, and then choose 'Recover Deleted Items'


6.  In the window that pops up, click on the message(s) you want to recover.

     (You can sort the messages by clicking on Subject, Deleted On, From, and Received).
     Note that the date next to each message subject is the date you deleted the message. To look at the
     date you actually received the message, you may have to scroll over or enlarge the pop-up window to
     see the Received column.


7.  When you have finished selecting the message(s) you want to recover, click on the Recover
     Selected Items
button (this is the middle button on the top left of the pop-up window).

8.  To force your recovered message(s) to come through right away, click on the 'Send/Receive All Folders'
     button under the 'Send/Receive' tab.  But it usually only takes a few seconds for the e-mail to re-appear
     in your "Deleted Items" folder again.


9.  Now your message has been recovered back into your 'Deleted Items' Folder.
     **Important note:
You should plan to move any mail messages you want to keep into another folder,
       such as the Inbox or another folder 'you' created.

Other Important Notes:

  • This feature works for any of your email folders that are on the 'Exchange' server.
    It will not work for any email that is stored in your personal (local) folders.  These folders are usually on
    your local computer and have a heading at the top labeled "Personal Folders - mm/dd/yy".  This is the
    date you were converted to Exchange.You may repeat the steps above with other folders (such as
    Sent Items), but most of the time the

  • messages you want to recover were already in the Deleted Items folder to begin with.

  • Messages deleted more than 60 days ago are not recoverable