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FAQ: How to Restore Deleted Messages in Outlook 2011_Mac


Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac):

1.  Open up Microsoft Outlook 2011

2.  Click on the Deleted Items folder.
     (If you can't see the list of folders, select Folder List under the View menu.)

3.  Look to see of the deleted e-mail is listed in the 'deleted items' folder.  If it is then
     simply copy the e-mail from the 'deleted items' folder to a different folder.

4.  If you could not find your e-mail in your "Deleted Items" folder then you will need
     to login to "Outlook Web App." to recover it.  Please follow the instruction under
     "Recovering Deleted Items:  Outlook Web App  - OWA" for recovering deleted
     e-mails that are between 46-60 days old.