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Reading Specialization Courses

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Online Courses:
The Graduate Program of the Education Department will be teaching a variety of courses online during the upcoming semesters. Would you like more information about which courses will be online and when? Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Bruce Smith for more information.


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M. Ed. in Reading Specialization Courses: 21 semester hours



Students will review the major national studies in literacy since the 1960's and investigate current research on vaious literacy topics for the purpose of developing a model of best practice based on inquiry and reflection. Prerequisite: teaching certification.


blue bullet ED 567: Secondary, College, and Content Area Reading Instruction - 3 s.h.

Survey of reading programs and principles at secondary and post-secondary levels; examination of materials and strategies for various instructional settings and populations with an emphasis on secondary content area reading. Fall, annually.


blue bullet ED 568: Language and Literacy - 3 s.h.

A study of literacy acquisition which includes consideration of developmental and sociocultural factors. The course examines instructional practices which utilize children's literature in teaching the language arts. Writing is emphasized. Prerequisite: graduate or undergraduate course in children's literature. Fall, annually.


blue bullet ED 569: Assessment of Literacy - 3 s.h.

Provides an in-depth analysis of assessment strategies and techniques in the field of literacy. Features of this course include evaluating, implementing, and analyzing data gathered from formal and informal assessment approaches for the purpose of planning instruction. Introduction to literacy profile. Prerequisite: Two graduate-level literacy courses. Spring, annually.


blue bullet ED 570: Practicum I: Analysis - 3 s.h.

The investigation of an individualfs background to determine possible casual factors for underachievement in reading through (1) the selection and administration of appropriate diagnostic instruments, and (2) a sensitive interpretation of the cumulative results. Prerequisite: ED 569 and permission of the instructor. Course must be taken concurrently with ED 571. Summer, annually.


blue bullet ED 571: Practicum II: Instruction - 3 s.h.

Emphasizes the development of competency in the instructional process of addressing reading problems. Includes (1) learning the techniques used for corrective instruction, (2) learning how to teach individuals strategies which will enable them to be readers, (3) developing expertise in using materials related to the immediate needs of individuals, and (4) preparing a literacy profile which suggests to schools and other agencies procedures to use for a studentfs academic progress. Prerequisites: ED 568, ED 569, and permission of the instructor. Course must be taken concurrently with ED 570. Summer, annually.


blue bullet ED 574: Reading Program Organization, Administration, and Supervision - 3 s.h.

The organization, administration, and supervision of reading programs from kindergarten through high school. Particular emphasis is given to the functions of a reading specialist and development of a curriculum guide for reading, organizational patterns in reading programs, and procedures for instituting and operating in-service reading education programs. Prerequisites: Two graduate-level literacy courses. Spring, annually.