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Online Courses:
The Graduate Program of the Education Department will be teaching a variety of courses online during the upcoming semesters. Would you like more information about which courses will be online and when?  Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Bruce Smith for more information.


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M. Ed. Core Courses: 12 semester hours

blue bullet Research—ED 520: Introduction to Research - 3 s.h.

This seminar course covers the selection, investigation, and writing of a research topic. Students are introduced to the planning of research projects, major methods of obtaining data, descriptive statistics, statistical inferences, methods of analysis and critical evaluation of published research, and the preparation of written reports. Proposed research problems and procedures are prepared for discussion and critical analysis. Offered each semester and summer.


blue bullet Pedagogy—ED 522: Analysis of Teaching or ED 563: Reading Pedagogy - 3 s.h.

Presents an analysis of various teaching models and instructional designs. Lessons and clinical field experiences applying course competencies are critiqued by peers and faculty so as to expand the teaching repertoire of classroom teachers. Offered fall semester only.


blue bullet Curriculum—ED 523: Curriculum Development and Evaluation - 3 s.h.

Presents philosophic, psychological, and social foundations of the school curriculum as well as principles of curriculum development, curriculum design, curriculum implementation, and curriculum evaluation with an emphasis on K-12 models. A range of views both historical and current is presented along with curriculum issues, trends, and future directions. Ideologic biases from traditional to pragmatic and postmodern are considered across major time frames for the 20th century and early 21st century. Offered spring semester only.

*This course meets PDE requirements for Level I to Level II conversion.


blue bullet Professional Seminar—ED 578: Professional Seminar - 3 s.h.

Intended as a capstone course for graduate students in the M.Ed. program. Provides students with an opportunity to focus on an educationally relevant action research project as an integrating element for knowledge and experiences acquired during their graduate programs. Recognizes the validity of classroom-based inquiry and research as the basis for enhancing teaching and learning. Develops proficiency in using inquiry and reflection strategies to assist students in making instructional decisions and process changes. Affords students the opportunity to share effective classroom practices and requires study and practice in interpreting and analyzing pertinent research to promote professional growth. Encourages students to view themselves as researchers of teaching and learning and as professionals whose continued growth can best be met through inquiry, reflection, and sustained dialogue with peers. Prerequisite: ED 520 or permission of Graduate Committee. Offered Spring semester only.