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Here is a menu of materials for the Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate (ITSC) Program that you will find in this area. For more information, contact Dr. John McCullough

ITSC Program Admission Requirements

An individual with a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college, who earned an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, may apply for admission to the ITSC Program. Candidates for the ITSC Program must follow Clarion University application, matriculation, and graduation procedures as articulated by the Clarion University Division of Graduate Studies. Applicants must also meet eligibility requirements for admission to a graduate program as described by the Division of Graduate Studies. Additionally, candidates who apply to the ITSC Program must also:

  • Complete an electronic portfolio demonstrating readiness to enter the program.  Readiness is demonstrated by the ISTE NETS standards for teachers as well as the ISTE NETS Standards for Technology Facilitators. Click here for: Portfolio guidelines

  • Once all documentation is received, the materials are reviewed by the ITS Program Coordinator and the Education Department Graduate Committee to determine admission eligibility.  Graduate committee meets twice monthly. 

Applicants without teaching certifications must complete the following:

  • ED 522: Analysis of Teaching..............................................3cr
  • ED 523: Curriculum Development and Evaulation...............3cr
  • *ED 350 or 505: Teaching English Language Learners.......3cr
  • *SPED 418: Exceptionalities in the Regular Classroom.......3cr
  • *SPED 442: Differentiated Instruction/Inclusive Settings....3cr
  • *SPED 441: Teaching Students with Disabilities in Sec..................3cr
  • *Take Praxis I
    • *PDE Mandated requirements for certification

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ITSC Program Retention and
Certification Requirements

All individuals without a teaching certification and who will be applying for an Instructional Technology Specialist Pennsylvania Certification MUST pass the Praxis I Tests!

The ITS Certificate requires 24 credit hours. Students may receive up to six hours of credit for prior coursework or life and professional experiences. Professional experiences must be in the form of prior education, training, or professional development that occurred within the past three years. A description of the course(s), training, and granting institution should be submitted with a student's written request for application of this credit. Life experiences must be fully documented with supportive evidence including samples of work, evaluations, and job descriptions. The applicant may request a personal interview. A committee of graduate faculty in the ITS program will evaluate all requests for credit. In all cases, the graduate committee will have final determination for credit hours applied.

All students submit an instructional plan including goals and a course of study. Tentative completion dates as well as planned course sequences and timelines are integral parts of this plan. Each student receives an advisor assigned from the graduate faculty of this program.   Instructional plans are submitted within two weeks of the first semester of enrollment. These plans are updated each semester until the candidate has successfully completed the program.   Students with special needs advise the department of specific requirements so that appropriate resources are identified.

Students are also monitored through their coursework and correspondence with field supervisors who are maintained to monitor the candidates' fieldwork. Upon completion of all coursework and passing the Praxis I tests, candidates for the Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate submit the necessary documentation for certification. In addition, a self-evaluation of their educational experiences as they relate to the State standards for certification must be submitted to the Review Committee for approval before submission to the campus certification officer.

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Clarion University
Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate
Program Plan



Required Courses – (candidates take all eight of the following)
(24 credits)
MMAJ 558 Society, Law and Media Technology
3 credits
ED 620 Application for K-12 Educators 
3 credits
ED/CIS 649 Educational Technology Leadership  
3 credits
ED 540 Principles of Instructional Design in Educational Technology
3 credits
ED 617  Advanced Educational Technology
3 credits
ED 520 Introduction to Research 
3 credits
CIS 651 Deploying Informational Technology Infrastructure 3 credits
ED 735 Internship in Education(following 18 completed graduate credits) 3 credits


Retention Criteria
Students must maintain a quality point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Applying the ITS Certificate Toward a Master's Degree
Some graduate credits earned as a part of the ITSC Program may be applied toward a given master's degree. Students for whom this certificate would be particularly helpful include Master's Degree candidates in Communications, Library Science, and Education. Students enrolled in a master's degree program should check with these programs to determine the number of credits from the ITS Certificate that might be applied toward their graduate program.

To download the application materials, click here.

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