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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Clarion University: Statement on Diversity and Equity

In keeping with its mission and core values, Clarion University reaffirms its commitment to diversity and equity as integral parts of educational excellence and civic engagement.

Clarion University and its members embrace their responsibility to cultivate and sustain an academic community that is characterized by a mutual understanding of a shared sense of purpose, commitment to core values, and respect for a diversity of cultures, perspectives, backgrounds and experiences.  Clarion University and its members are expected to advance equitable practices and policies that support the full inclusion of all its constituents and, above all, preserve the dignity of all of its members.

Clarion University and its members recognize that the university’s pursuit of excellence is predicated upon its obligation to ensure that these shared values and equitable practices are sustained through all of its available resources. These resources include but are not limited to curricular and co-curricular programs and business practices.


Related Programs and Initiatives

Frederick Douglass Program:
The Frederick Douglass Program was established at Clarion University in 1998 as part of a Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Collaborative (PASSHE). The program is comprised of three components:  The Scholars Program, the Frederick Douglass Graduate Assistantship, and the Frederick Douglass Library Collection.  The Frederick Douglass Scholars Program serves as a pipeline to the University's recruitment of a diverse professoriate.  As such, the program offers teaching and research opportunities to three graduate students (ABD's) primarily from HBCU's and HACU's who are pursuing a career in college teaching. 

Equity Week:

The celebration of Equity Week was initiated in 1998 following the receipt of a proclamation from the late Governor Robert P. Casey, Sr. of the declaration of "Diversity Day" at Clarion University in November, 1998.  The week's celebration is intended to recognize the university's ongoing efforts toward the cultivation of a diverse, inclusive and equitable campus environment.  The celebration is marked by presentations by guest speakers on equity-related topics, panel presentations on relevant and topical equity topics and an Awards Banquet, jointly sponsored by the Student Senate and the Office of Social Equity, that recognizes faculty, students, and staff for their commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.   

MLK Community Program:

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Program is a university - wide Lecturer Series that focuses on the Life and Legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King.  As such, several lectures are presented each year on topics that are inclusive of social justice, human and civil rights, equality of opportunity, intolerance, oppression, global poverty and peace. 

The Building Bridges Program:

The Building Bridges Program represents a partnership between Student and Academic Affairs with the purpose to facilitate communication and understanding among Clarion students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.  The program is committed to improving relations among students, supporting their personal growth, and their preparation for living and working in diverse communities. Each year, several sessions of the program are offered to the students of Clarion University and the surrounding public schools.  

Cultural Week:

In keeping with the long, rich history of Clarion's Autumn Leaf Festival, Clarion University, in conjunction with the Clarion Chamber of Commerce, hosts the Annual Clarion University and Community Cultural Week. The ALF cultural week celebration consists of live performances by a diverse group of professional artists. All events are free, and take place at the Clarion County Courthouse.  

Emerging Scholars

The Clarion University's Emerging Scholars Program is currently in its thirteenth year of partnership with the Pittsburgh Public and Propel schools. The program provides a one to two-week residential college experience to high school juniors (10th graders) and seniors (11th graders) who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to attend college. During the summer residence at Clarion University, the students are offered basic college courses in English, Mathematics, and the sciences and they participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. The program promotes students success via the development of the students' cognitive and non-cognitive skills that they have shown to positively impact the likelihood of the students' completion of high school and their entree into higher education.  

The Emerging Scholars Program maximizes opportunities by which competitive inner-city high school students (consisting of African-American and Latino students) may access higher education an realize their full potential.