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Mathematics Concentration

Online Courses:

The Graduate Program of the Education Department will be teaching a variety of courses online during the upcoming semesters. Would you like more information about which courses will be online and when? Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Bruce Smith ( or the Chairman of the Mathematics Department, Dr. Adam Roberts ( for more information.

Mathematics Concentration Requirements:

Coursework - Complete six of the following for 18 credits

   MAED 501: TeachIng Secondary Mathematics

 * MAED 511: Technology for Teaching Secondary Mathematics

 * MAED 532: Teaching Statistical  Reasoning

 * MAED 537: Geometry/Trigonometry  for Secondary Teachers

   MAED 540: Discrete Mathematics for Grades 7-12

 * MAED 551: Algebra/Number Theory for Teachers

 * MAED 556: Research In Mathematis Teaching & Learning

   MAED 550: Pre-algebra for Teachers

 * MAED 571: AnalysIs for Teachers

   MAED 581: Problem SolvIng

   MAED 585: Applications and Math. Modeling for Teachers

 * MAED 590: Historical  Development of Mathematics

* Classes offered on a recurring basis, others offered as demand warrants.

Mathematical Portfolio - includes paper documenting research in the classroom, documentation of progress and change throughout the program.

Core Competency Requirements:

Coursework - Complete all of the following for 12 credits

   ED 520: Introduction to Research

   ED 522: Analysis of Teaching

   ED 523: Curriculum Development and Evaluation

   ED 578: Professional Seminar

Mathematics Concentration Course Descriptions:

Course selection is to be made from the following:

  • MAED 501: Teaching Secondary Mathematics 3 s.h.

Teachers learn how to integrate a variety of strategies in teaching secondary mathematics. They improve their understanding of mathematical concepts and apply the instructional strategies to improving student understanding. Prerequisite: Certification in Teaching-Mathematics.

  • MAED 511: Technology For Teaching Secondary Mathematics 3 s.h.

Designed to give secondary mathematics teachers an in-depth look at the research on the impact of technology on teaching and learning mathematics. Students will learn how to develop and critique technology experiences and will be exposed to new
technologies and programs that aid in teaching mathematics. Prerequisite: Certification in Teaching-Secondary Mathematics or permission of instructor.

  • MAED 532: Teaching Statistical Reasoning 3 s.h.

Quantitative Literacy (QL) is an exciting, standards-based approach for teaching statistical techniques in K-12 classrooms.Through stimulating practical activities, the TI-83 graphing calculator, and the statistical software FATHOM, teachers in the course explore real data focusing on classification, graphing, sampling, probability, simulation, and inference. The direct involvement and in-depth training enables teachers to experience first-hand the value of QL and gain confidence in their ability to incorporate it into their classrooms. The course includes a Fall follow-up session where teachers report the use of a quantitative reasoning activity in their own classroom. Prerequisite: Certification in Teaching Secondary Mathematics.

  • MAED 537: Geometry/Trigonometry For Secondary Teachers 3 s.h.

The course visits axiom systems, reviews the core theorems of high school geometry, considers advanced topics in Euclidean geometry, explores non-Euclidean geometries, examines area and transformations, looks at trigonometry, and includes student
presentations of a relatively new geometric topic. Computer software (Geometer's Sketchpad, Kaliedomania, Maple) are at the center of the students' work.

  • MAED 540: Discrete Mathematics For Grades 7-12 3 s.h.

A course to review and develop a sound mathematical foundation for the discrete mathematics topics covered in secondary school mathematics. Prerequisite: Certification in Teaching-Secondary Mathematics or permission of instructor.

  • MAED 550: Pre-Algebra For Teachers 3 s.h.

Teachers learn how to integrate a variety of strategies in teaching concepts found in pre-algebra (grades 6-8). Improves understanding of mathematical concepts from an advanced perspective and applies the instructional strategies to improving student understanding. Prerequisite: Certification in Teaching-Mathematics teachers who are presently teachers of grades 5-9.

  • MAED 551: Algebra/Number Theory For Secondary Teachers 3 s.h.

Examines pedagogy and uses recent technology to reinforce understanding of algebra and number theory topics covered in high school algebra and how to present them to students. Develops a deeper understanding of the principles underlying these topics, allowing greater ability to adapt teaching to meet the changing needs of students. Look at the effects technology has on subject matter and methods of teaching it. Prerequisite: MATH 451 or equivalent.

  • MAED 556: Research in Mathematics Teaching and Learning 3 s.h.

Investigates research in mathematics teaching and learning that has been conducted in the last century, particularly in the last three decades, to become more aware of critical issues within the field of mathematics education. Various areas are considered, including teachers' knowledge and beliefs, students' learning in number theory, rational numbers, algebra, and geometry, technology in mathematics education, and issues of affect and gender. Prerequisite: Certification in Teaching-Secondary Mathematics or permission of instructor.

  • MAED 571: analysis For teaChers 3 s.h.

Gives secondary mathematics teachers an in-depth look at the analysis covered in the secondary mathematics curriculum. The function concept is covered in great detail. Examines the historical development of calculus to provide insight into
the fundamental theories of calculus (secondary level). Prerequisite: Certification in Teaching Secondary Mathematics or permission of instructor.

  • MAED 581: Problem Solving 3 s.h.

Provides experience solving novel and often open-ended problems in multiple ways. Posing and solving problems drawn from rational numbers, number theory, algebra, measurement, and geometry helps students to reinforce and integrate various
strands of their high school mathematics curriculum and to reason and communicate more effectively. Prerequisite: Certification in Secondary Mathematics Education or ED 339 and permission of instructor.

  • MAED 585: Applications and Mathematical Modeling For Teachers 3 s.h.

Use mathematics in representing and solving real world problems. Mathematical concepts from middle school and high school mathematics are applied to problems in social, physical, and biological sciences. Pedagogical and assessment issues
are studied. Prerequisite: Certification in teaching, mathematics, or mathematical science teachers in grades 7 through 12.

  • MAED 590: Historical Development of Mathematics 3 s.h.

Explores the development of mathematics, from the early development of numeration systems to modern mathematics.
Learn how the technology and culture of different places and times affected the topics developed as well as the methods
used. Discusses and develops ways to incorporate the information into classroom teaching and encourage cross-disciplinary