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Below you will find a list of  D2L frequently asked questions by topic. If your question is not answered below, please view the Faculty Orientation documentation for detailed instructions on how to use D2L.



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Q: When I enter Student view, I cannot see my Checklist items. Why is this?
A: In order for your Checklist to be viewed by your students, you need to, first, make sure that there is a new item attached to the category that has been made.  If no new items have been checked, then the students will not be able to see that particular part of the Checklist.


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Q: How are students enrolled in my course?
A: When students register for a course through MyClarion, they will be automatically enrolled in your D2L course.  Daily datafeeds will update the enrollment throughout the semester. However, instructors may sometimes need to manually enroll a student.  If you're unsure of how this is done, visit this page and read the information provided:
Q: How can I alphabetize my students by last name?
A: The default classlist is typically ordered: first name, last name. However, you can sort your classlist alphabetically by last name.  The way to alphabetize students is the same in all areas of D2L.  At the top of the list of students, there is a column with First Name, Last Name.  In order to alphabetize the students by last name, click on Last Name.

Course Content

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Q: Can I have two topics with the same name?
A: No.  In the content area you cannot have topics with the same name.  You will be prompted that a topic of the same name already exists and asked if you wish to “Duplicate Files” from the previous topic or cancel. If you wish to continue, the following files will be replaced.
Q: What is the difference between the two delete options when I try to delete something from the content area?
A: When you put a check-mark next to the item in your Content area and then hit the “trash can” icon to delete it, the next screen will give you two delete options: the first one is to simply delete that item from the Content area.  The other option is to delete all associated files from your course if applicable (this means any files that you uploaded to the Manage Files area) as well as the topic in the Content area.  Your D2L items such as dropboxes, discussions, etc.; which you may have linked in the content area; will not be deleted when choosing this option. Students will still be able to access them through the D2L navigation area.
Q: I copied my course over, but the files in my content area won't open and there is an error when I try.
A: Chances are, that when you copied your course, you did not choose "course files" this is the third option down when choosing which areas to copy.  You can go back and copy just the "course files" and the links will be fixed automatically.

Course Creation

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Q: When are my courses created?
A: Instructors assigned to teach a course will have a course ”shell” approximately six weeks prior to the start of the semester.  Instructors are automatically assigned in D2L with the role of “instructor."  Once logged in to D2L, instructors will see their courses listed under the "My Courses" widget on the D2L "My Home" page.
Q: What if I was assigned a course just before the semester start?
A: In cases where teaching assignments change at the last minute, instructors may need to be manually added.  If you do not see your course listed, please call the LTC at x1848.
Q: How can I have a D2L site for my club or organization created?
A: All University approved and affiliated organizations can use D2L.  You must email a request in writing to stating the name of the organization, a name for the D2L site, and the names of the faculty advisers.  Advisers will have a role of “leader” (same as instructor) and can add members as “participants” (same role as “student”).


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Q: Why can't I see more than 20 posts in the discussion board?
A: The 20 posts refers to 20 original posts, this number does not include replies.  If you cannot see all of the original posts, you will see page numbers and arrows to navigate forward and backwards through the discussion topic.
Q: I created a Discussion Forum, why aren't my students able to post anything?
A: You must create a “topic” within the forum before students are able to “compose” a discussion post.  You can have multiple topics in one forum.
Q: What is the difference between locking and hiding a forum or topic?
A: Locking a forum or a topic will still allow the students to view the forum or topic but not post to it. You might lock a forum when the assignment due date has passed. Hiding the forum or topic will not allow it to be visible to the student from the student's perspective.


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Q: I graded a dropbox assignment, but the gradebook is showing a different score.

This could be the result of two different actions:

1. The gradebook item does not have the same point value as the dropbox item. To correct this problem, you must check the gradebook item from the "Manage Grades" area and make sure the point value is correct OR change the grade in the dropbox area by editing the dropbox folder. THEN you must go into each student's feedback area and click "save" again. This should send the correct grade to the gradebook.

2. You have recently changed the point value of the gradebook item after students have already been graded. To fix the problem, simply go into each student's feedback area and click "save" again. This should send the correct grade to the gradebook.

Edit Course

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Q: How do I activate my course?
A: Go to the Edit Course option located at the upper right hand corner of your course. Select Course Offering Information. After this selection, go to the Active selection and check it to make the course active.
Q: Can I customize my D2L homepage?
A: No, you cannot. However, you can edit settings under the "My Settings" widget of your D2L Home page to personalize your home page.
Q: Can I combine my course sections?

No, but you can do one of the following:

1. Manually add students from one section into the other. Enroll Users

2. Course copy: This will not combine your sections, but it will enable you to copy all of the course content into another section of the course without having to recreate or upload it.

Q: Can you explain the Import/Export/Copy Components features?
A: In the Edit Course area, there are several sections listed. These are general, administration, and tools. Under the tools section, there is a feature that says "Import/Export/Copy Components." Use the Import feature to upload materials from a computer file or another computer source. Use the Export feature to send course material to a computer in the form of a .zip file (do this to download a copy of your course). Use the Copy Components feature to import information and files from an existing or previous D2L course. Please note that you have to be in the course that you want the material to go into when you do a course copy. D2L pulls the information from the other course rather than pushing from one course into another.

General Questions

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Q: What is D2L?
A: D2L is an abbreviation for Desire2Learn, the learning management system used at all PASSHE schools. D2L is used for all online courses offered by Clarion University. However, D2L may or may not be used in face-to-face classes where use of D2L is at the discretion of the instructor.
Q: How do I login to D2L?
A: The login URL is: To login, enter your Clarion username ( and password. This is the same username and password you use to login to MyClarion.
Q: What is the format of student usernames for D2L?
A: Students will be using their Clarion username to login to D2L (; it is the same username and password as for MyClarion, campus computer labs, etc.
Q: What help is available for students?
A: A student orientation site is available which provides instructions for using D2L and the various tools.  In addition, there is information on common issues on the Student FAQ page. Lastly, there are support telephone numbers on the D2L login page and student home pages.
Q: Where can I get help with D2L?

There are many resources for faculty:

  • For login and password issues, please refer to the login instructions. If you are still unable to login, please contact LTC support at x1848.
  • See the D2L Faculty Orientation Site for  D2L documentation.
  • Call or visit the Learning Technology Center: The LTC provides D2L workshops throughout the academic year. Staff is available 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Call x1848 to set up an appointment for one-on-one instructional training, sign up for a workshop, or stop by 104 Egbert to talk with one of our staff members.
Q: Can I reorganize the My Courses area on the My Home page?
A: There is no way to reorganize the courses in the My Courses area. However, you can minimize converted courses along with previously taught courses to make the My Courses area more manageable. To do this, simply click the gray box with the two arrows next to the courses you want to "hide."


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Q: I have graded things in my gradebook, but the grades are not showing up in the Enter Grades area, how can I fix this?
A: If all you see are colors, then go to Grades Settings > "Personal Display Options."  Make sure there is a check mark in Points Grade or Grade Scheme Symbol depending on how you want to view the grades.  Check this also in the "Org Unit Display Options" for the student-view settings.
Q: Why can't my students see their final calculated grade?
A: Go to Grades > Grades Settings.  Click Org Unit Display Options.  Put a check mark next to "Display final grade calculation to users."  Click save. The students final calculated grade and adjusted grade will not show to students until you allow them to under Calculation Options "Final Release Grade" as well.
Q: My students took a quiz or submitted to a dropbox but the grade does not show in my gradebook for this particular assignment.
A: Chances are the item is not linked to your gradebook.  Go the particular item (dropbox or quiz item, etc.) and check the field next to "Grade Item" in the item "Properties" tab.  If the field says "none", then you must link the item to your gradebook by clicking "new grade item."  With a quiz, even if it is linked, make sure that the two items below "Grade Item" (to "allow auto export" and "allow automatic grade") are both checked.  Once this is done, the instructor may have to go to each student's assignment and click "save" again to force the grade into the gradebook.
Q: Where do I go to grade a dropbox assignment, quiz, or discussion board? I can't get to students' submissions from the gradebook.
A: Go to the particular assignment area; you can ONLY enter points in the gradebook. You must go to the individual D2L areas to view student submissions, quiz results, or discussion posts. Be sure that the item is linked to the gradebook.
Q: My students almost all have a score of 20, but the quiz is out of 40. How do I fix this?
A: Chances are the quiz is correct, but the grade item says 20 points. Change the grade item first, then go to Manage Grades, click on the grade item, finally, change the point value. If it does not change their grade automatically, go to the quizzes area. Click on the grading icon for that quiz (yellow ruler/green check mark), go through each student and re-save their score. This should update the gradebook score.
Q: My students are getting weird scores, such as ".08/10". Why?
A: First check to make sure that the grade item and quiz question points are equal (see above). Next check the quiz questions to make sure the correct answer was "weighted" correctly. Go to the quizzes area. Click on the quiz title to edit. Click on "Layout/Questions." Click "Add/Edit Questions" in upper right-hand side. Click on a question or the pencil associated with a question to edit it. Check to be sure that the "weight (%)" has a 100 in the correct answer (this means that if they choose that answer they will get 100% of the points for that question).


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Q: How do I assign students to groups?
A: On your course page, select the Groups tab.  From here, select New Category and give your group a name along with the number of groups you require.  Expand "Additional Options" and place a check in the box next to the D2L tools the groups will be using.  Click Create.  Next, select "Enroll Users".  Put a check-mark next to the student name that corresponds with the "group" you want to enroll them in.  Click Save to implement the groups.
Q: Why don't I see my students in their groups after assigning them?
A: More than likely this would be a problem with your default set number of 20 on the Groups page. If you assigned the first 20 and then went to page 2, all the data wouldn't be saved.  You must either set your page to show 50 or more students or you must save before navigating away from the page you had just worked on.

Login Issues

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Q: How do I login to D2L?
A: The login URL is: To login, enter your Clarion username ( and password.   This is the same username and password you use to login to MyClarion.
Q: What if I am unable to login?

Please review the following possibilities if you are unable to login to D2L:

1. Are you logging in with "" after your Clarion username? The D2L login is

2. Was your Clarion username just created? If so, please wait 24 hours and then try to login again. If you are still having trouble, you may need to perform a password reset.

3. Did your password expire? Faculty and staff must reset their passwords every 90 days.  You will receive a reminder in your university email when the expiration date is near.  Change password.

4. Did you forget your password?  If so, please contact the Help Desk for assistance with resetting your password.  You will be given a temporary password which you will need to change.

5. If you still can't login, please contact the Help Desk.


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Q: How do I reset an attempt?

To reset an attempt, go to your Quizzes.  After finding the appropriate quiz, select the grading icon (the ruler/check mark icon) to the right of the title.  You must then select Display Options at the upper left corner of the Users page and assure that the Allow Reset box is checked.  Be sure to select save before leaving this box.  After you've done this, you will return to your Users page where there will be a list of your students that have attempted the quiz you are working with.  Below each student's name will be a record of each attempt they have made thus far.  In order to reset a student's attempt, you must check the box to the left of the attempt that you wish to remove.  You then must select the Trash Can icon at the top or bottom of the page.  There will be a confirmation box appear. Be sure to select Yes and your student will be able to attempt the quiz again.

Q: Students have taken the quiz, but the grades for this quiz are not showing up in the gradebook.

It could be one of two things:

1) the quiz is not linked to the gradebook,


2) you do not have the "auto grade" check box marked. You will need to manually link the quiz to the gradebook in the quizzes area:

a. Edit the quiz that you would like to link to the gradebook by clicking on the name of the quiz.

b. On the Properties tab, you will find a drop-down menu beside "Grade Item". If you have already created the grade item in your gradebook, the quiz name will be listed in this menu.

c. If you have not created a gradebook item in the manage grades area, you will need to click on the blue "add grade item" link to create your gradebook item.

d. Auto Grade: Make sure there is a check mark in both boxes below this menu box: "Auto Export to Grades" and "Automatic Grade." Click Save.

e. Check your gradebook, if the grades are still not showing, you will need to put a check next to each student's attempt and click "update" force the grades to the gradebook.

Q: I can see all but one student's grade in the gradebook; the student took their quiz, but said that they couldn't see their quiz grade either, what happened?
A: Chances are the student went over the time limit; you will need to view their attempt and click "submit" in order for the grade to be sent to the gradebook.
Q: What are the "Recalculate and "auto-grade" buttons?
A: The "Recalculate" button comes into play when the instructor accesses the students' attempts and changes the grades on particular questions. For example, if the correct answer was option” C. Both A and B” and the student selected option “ A”, the professor can elect to go in and give the student partial credit for that question. After changing the points on that particular question, click recalculate and the final score at the top of the attempt will be changed. The grade in the grade book will not change until you click save at the top of the page. The "auto-grade" button resets the points on the questions to what was calculated by D2L based on the correct answer the instructor provided. Note that if you change the grade on a question and hit auto-grade instead of recalculate, the grade will revert to the score originally calculated. With any changes, remember to click save.

Wikis, Blogs, Journals and Podcasts

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Q: Why do I see a login link when I click into the Wiki, Blog, Journal or Podcast?
A: Chances are, this is a browser, third-party issue. Third-party cookies need to be enabled to allow access to the Wiki, Blog, Journal or Podcast. Please refer to the Learning Objects - Campus Pack page for instructions on how to enable third-party cookies.