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Department of Biology and Geosciences


Clarion University’s Biology and Geoscience Department focuses on the physical world and the plants, animals and minerals that inhabit it. The department’s majors zero in on different disciplines associated with these aspects of the world.

The Biology major at Clarion University has 11 full-time faculty members.  There are four full-time faculty in the molecular biology/biotechnology program who specialize their research areas in a variety of biomedical areas. Furthermore, the biology department has five full-time faculty who specialize in a variety of ecological and environmental studies. Our School of Education also provides an excellent undergraduate education biology major. All of the faculty within the Biology Department have earned their  Ph.D.s and research experience from some of the most prestigious universities in the United States and Europe. 

The number of Biology faculty makes it possible to have expertise in nearly all of the enormously diverse fields which make up modern biology. Our large and diverse faculty, combined with the emphasis on teaching of a small school, gives students an excellent opportunity to realize their fullest academic potential.

The Earth Science component of the department is primarily concerned with the physical realm, and is covered by the disciplines of Geology, Environmental Geoscience, and the Geography Minor .

The goal of these majors is to understand the physical world, in addition to how humans impact the environment. Additionally, geographic techniques important to understanding the world around us, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Remote Sensing, are included.

The Department also shares the Education Earth and Space Science degree program with the Education Department, in addition to offering:

The department also is proposing minors in both Geology and Environmental Geoscience.