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What Virtual Campus Students need to know

Online Orientation

To help you get ready for your online classes and to become comfortable with online learning the Virtual Campus provides you with an instructor led, online orientation beginning before your first term at the University.  All students enrolled in an online program are required to participate in the online orientation.  After you have enrolled in your online classes for your first term, you will receive a communication from the Virtual Campus office shortly before classes begins providing you with more information about the online orientation.

Student ID Cards        

As a Virtual Campus Student you are entitled to a photo student identification card. Although it is not required in most cases, you may find it useful for many purposes beyond the campus. Because photo identification is required for all new ID cards, and since that is not possible for Virtual Campus students, you must provide your full name, Clarion ID number, home address, and phone number for verification along with your photo in jpeg format. E-mail this information to Once this information is received and enrollment verified, we will process and mail the ID card to you.

Buying Text Books

As a Virtual Campus Student you have a number of options. You may, of course, visit the Clarion campus and purchase books directly from the Clarion University Store, which is located on the ground floor of the Gemmell Student Complex. The Clarion University Store schedules extended hours for the first week of classes each term. You may also order books from the Clarion University Store by telephone (800-394-8825) or online (see below). A credit card is required for telephone and electronic orders. Faculty will expect that you will have in your possession for the first class all required texts that are in stock at the Clarion University Store. Visit the Clarion University Store online to purchase books online and follow instructions for ordering textbooks.

Some students prefer to order books from e-businesses over the World Wide Web. A number of firms provide this service, and prices vary. Consider starting with the University Store at Clarion University. Book prices and selections are available online through the center.

University Libraries

Virtual Campus education students may access electronic information resources anytime through the online library. Interlibrary loan service further enables users to expand their research' Here is a brief video introduction to library services for Virtual Campus students.