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Kevin Easley at the Parade
 Angela Leonardi and Kevin Easley during 2011 Homecoming.

Kevin Easley reflects Clarion University's core values of learning, accomplishment, encouragement, diversity, civility, civic engagement and public higher education.  And, he has vision, too.

Most students would take a look at the clubs and organizations available to them and join those that fit their interests. Easley took a different approach.  When he didn't see what he wanted, he and a fellow student took matters into their own hands and founded the Short Film Club, one of more than 145 recognized student organizations at Clarion.

"We both wanted to create this organization, because we wanted students on the campus to express their creativity in the film industry," said Easley, who is script supervisor for the club. "We wanted students to gain experience in the field and work with people who have experience with script writing."

This summer, Easley is also a teaching assistant with Clarion's Incoming Eagles Institute Summer Bridge Program, in which incoming freshmen can fortify academic skills; orientation leader for incoming freshmen and transfer students; community assistant at his campus housing complex; and student dispatcher for campus Public Safety.

He's preparing for his senior year as a communication studies major with concentration in digital media, with a creative writing/Spanish minor, and he's polishing his resume for applications to graduate programs in screenwriting and directing. He's wrapping up two years' involvement with Clarion University Activities Board to make time to work with the campus radio station, where he plans to develop his own radio show about movies.

Easley, who's from Philadelphia, chose Clarion University to experience a lifestyle different from that of the city. He wanted to explore new settings and meet different people. Clarion met his criteria of being academically challenging. Then an aspiring doctor, Easley researched and found that Clarion's biology majors have a good acceptance rate for medical school. In his sophomore year, he changed his major to communication studies after realizing his love for writing, movies and entertainment.

His heart is also with his alma mater, evident in his contributions to homecoming. As Special Events Committee chair for UAB, Easley worked with Clarion Chamber of Business and Industry, as well as Clarion University advisors, athletics, band and various organizations, on multiple facets of homecoming, including brunch, pep rally and student body voting.

"When I ride down Main Street (during the Autumn Leaf Festival Parade), I see so many smiling faces, especially the children, and the hard work that has paid off. It's a great feeling. We're representing the university. I like to see people having a good time." he said.

"(Involvement has) bettered my communication skills, improved my leadership and dedication, strengthened my ambition and made me a well-rounded person," he said. It additionally helps him approach people, environments and academics with an open mind, which he said is important for learning, accepting and appreciating.

As he begins his senior year at Clarion University, Easley is grateful for the opportunities he has seized at Clarion University.

"I'm glad I'm able to lead. I love giving people advice about the college process, which is why I'm an orientation leader," he said. "I love being able to be there for students who have questions about college in general, asking for any or my experience with activities, classes and extra-curriculars. I love being able to put my experience out there and passing it on to make another student's college experience exceptional."

Easley's schedule leaves little idle time, but when he has a spare couple of hours, he reconnects with friends, watches movies and gets a jumpstart on his career, writing screenplays and short films. He's currently working on three short film scripts: "A Night in Birchwood" (horror/supernatural); "Imagination Within" (drama); and "31 Days" (drama/romance).

8/28/2012 11:32 AM

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