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Business Administration


The business administration minor is intended to provide another academic option for non-business majors. Selection of this minor will broaden the academic pursuits of non-business majors, provide a credential that will make them more attractive to employers in the business sector, and serve as background for those intending to pursue the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) degree.

The business administration minor courses are available for students in the on-line Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies program. Click here for more information on Clarion's on-line programs.

The business administration minor has the following required courses.

ACTG 251: Financial Accounting
ACTG 252: Managerial Accounting
ECON 211: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 212: Principles of Microeconomics
FIN 370: Financial Management
MGMT 320: Management Theory and Practice
MKTG 360: Principles of Marketing

It is recognized that a number of non-business curricula currently contain required business courses (e.g., information systems). For those students whose major requires specific business courses, a maximum of nine (9) upper-division business course credits must be completed beyond those required for their non-business major program (this includes the on-line BS in Liberal Studies program).