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Most individuals request counseling on their own initiative. Some individuals need encouragement from friends, residence hall staff, professors, academic advisors, administrators, or parents.

Situations in Which Counseling Might Be Helpful

Some Career Choice Concerns

• Indecision about major
• Dissatisfaction with current major
• Lack of knowledge about a career area
• Interest in graduate education

Some Common Personal Concerns

• Homesick
• Stress, anxiety
• Test anxiety
• Depression
• Low self-esteem
• Life transitions (e.g., leaving home, graduation, marriage, having children)
• Relationship concerns (e.g., romantic relationships, roommates, friends, parents)
• Gay, lesbian, and bisexual concerns
• Discrimination
• Loss and grieving
• Eating disorders
• Sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment
• Alcohol/drug abuse


Other Reasons You Might Want to See a Counselor

• frequent missed classes
• eating disturbances: appetite loss or compulsive eating
• sleep disturbances: insomnia or excessive sleeping
• inability to concentrate
• unexplained tearfulness or emotional outbursts
• social withdrawal
• restlessness or irritability
• significant behavior changes
• change in academic performance
• alcohol and/or drug abuse
• confusion or thinking disturbance
• thoughts of suicide: comments and threats of suicide should always be taken seriously

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