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Undergraduate Student Research and Grants


Clarion University

Undergraduate Student Grants

Research, Scholarly, Creative, Entrepreneurial, and Civic Projects


Undergraduate students enrolled in any program at Clarion University are invited to apply for up to $800 in funds to support independent research or a scholarly project to be conducted in collaboration with a faculty or staff project advisor.  Research is defined in a broad context to include any scholarly, creative, entrepreneurial, or civic activity and is not limited to the traditional concept of empirical research.  The project must be completed prior to the middle of April 2014 when the student is required to present his/her findings at the Undergraduate Research Conference that will be held at Clarion University in mid-April, 2014.  This is an activity of the Clarion University Academic Excellence Series.

In those instances where the project is on-going, or expected to begin after April, the student will provide/present the current status of the project at the April 2014 conference or present the final results at the following year’s research seminar.  The funds are to support student projects; there are no provisions for faculty compensation. Travel to conduct the scholarly project can be included in the project budget and is eligible for funding, but travel to present results at conferences or meetings outside of the University will not be covered.  Travel to present such project results may be eligible under another round of funding later in the semester.  Projects can be those of one student or a team of students.             

The application must include the following components: 1) undergraduate research/project grant form; 2) undergraduate research/project budget form; 3) the student’s resume; and 4) a written letter of support from a faculty or staff project advisor, who may sponsor a maximum of three projects in a funding cycle. The proposal should follow the prescribed format as outlined on the grant form page.  In multidisciplinary projects, several faculty or staff may act as project advisors.  Late proposals, incomplete proposals, or those not sponsored by a faculty or staff project advisor will not be considered. 


One HARD COPY and one ELECTRONIC COPY (in pdf format) of the proposal should be sent to the Director of Undergraduate Research: Dr. Steven Harris, Department of Biology, STC 251;


Members of the Undergraduate Grant Review Committee: 

Dr. Steven Harris, Department of Biology
Dr. Rod Raehsler, Department of Economics
Prof. Gary Greenberg, Department of Art
Prof. Robert Bullington, Department of Theatre
Dr. David Lott, Department of Arts & Sciences, Venango campus
Dr. Ellen Foster, Department of English, Venango campus
Dr. Bruce Smith, Department of Education
Dr. Yasser Ayad, Department of AGES
Dr. Susan Prezzano, Department of AGES
Dr. Chunfei Li, Department of Physics
Dr. Miguel Olivas-Lujan, Department of Mgmt, Mktg & HR
Dr. Robert Frakes, Department of History

Undergraduate Grant Instructions

Undergraduate Grant Proposal Form (Oct 2013)

Undergraduate Grant Budget Form

Undergraduate Research Grant Checklist

Student Travel Funds: Scholarship and Research Presentations

Student Travel Funds Request Form



For Grant Recipients

Undergraduate Grant Order Form