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Tests Needed for Certification

Tests Need for Teacher Certifications

All Certifications are required to take PAPA---8001, 8002, 8003 (through Pearson) along with the following tests:

ECH PreK-4

PreK-4--8006, 8007, 8008 (PEARSON)


SPED PreK-8--8011, 8012 (PEARSON)

SPED 7-12

SPED 7-12--8015, 8016 (PEARSON)

Middle Level Content Areas

  1. PA Grades 4-8 Core Assessment--5153, 5154, 5155 (ETS)
  2. Subject Concentration Test (ETS)
    PA Grades 4-8 English--5156
    PA Grades 4-8 Math--5158
    PA Grades 4-8 Science--5159
    PA Grades 4-8 Social Studies--5157

Secondary Education 7-12

Secondary Education Praxis Content Area (ETS)

K-12 Certification

  1. Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge--0511 (ETS)
  2. Content Knowledge Area Test (ETS)


Register at the Appropriate site below:

ETS or PEARSON (use Pearson Locator to find Clarion University's Pearson Testing Center)


Navigate to: OFS Homepage or Test Codes and Lengths or Testing Policy and Information