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Fees for Service

A $5.00 co-pay will be assessed at each visit that a provider is seen. There may be additional charges for procedures performed and/or medications or supplies provided subsequent to the assessment.

All charges are made through student accounts and will appear as "Health Center Charges" on the student's statement. The health services fee does NOT apply to charges made for services provided by anyone other than the Keeling Health Center. Charges made by hospitals, other clinics, pharmacies, and/or other physicians, for example, are the sole responsibility of the student.

A summary of charges, coded with ICD-9 codes suitable for submission to your insurance company, will be provided at the time of the encounter at the students request. The Keeling Health Center does not bill insurance for any of its services.


There is no need to bring any form of payment to the Keeling Health Center with you at the time of the visit.  It is recommended that you bring your insurance card with you at the time of your appointment in the event that services outside of our facility are required.