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Mission Statement


The mission of the Keeling Health Center is to enhance the educational process at Clarion University by assisting in the removal or modification of health related barriers to learning, and by providing programs and services which promote an optimal level of wellness.

Core Activities

  • Direct Care Services
These services include the direct assessment, treatment, and care of students experiencing acute and/or chronic illnesses and injuries.  Additionally, direct care services include preventative services that occur in the absence of illness or injury.  Examples of direct care services include physical examination, immunization, allergy injections, breathing treatments, first aid, and referral.
  • Public Health Services
These services include the collection and analysis of data relating to the collective health condition and experience of Clarion University students.  Examples of public health services include collection and analysis of data relating to medication, environmental, and food allergies, major medical problems and family medical history.
  • Education
Educational activities are conducted individually and in groups.  Individual education occurs at the time of each patient encounter.  Both active and passive education programs are developed and conducted based on information collected through the public health function.