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Jeanne SlatteryDr. Jeanne Slattery, professor of psychology at Clarion University, recently published her article, “Can’t We All Get Along?” in Pennsylvania Psychologist, a monthly psychology journal of the commonwealth.

In the article, Slattery discusses ideas of positive multiculturalism, a new initiative of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. In particular, she considers barriers to effective communication across races and cultures, and suggests the development of more productive ways of discussing race, oppression and privilege. Slattery contends that, rather than avoiding discussions of race or attempting a “colorblind” stance, people should strive to build non-defensive and open communication about these difficult issues. 

Pennsylvania Psychologist is the monthly publication of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, the purpose of which is to advance psychology in Pennsylvania as a means of promoting human welfare. Slattery sits on Pennsylvania Psychological Association Board of Directors and serves as the public interest chair.

Slattery also recently co-published an article in PsycCRITIQUES – Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books. Along with Dr. Timothy Barksdale, Slattery wrote "In Harmony? Approaching Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy from a Multicultural Viewpoint." This co-authored review examined “Culturally Responsive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Practice,” a psychotherapy video resource by Dr. Pamela Hayes. Slattery and Barksdale described the video as “respectful and empowering,” noting its consistency with both cognitive-behavioral and multicultural approaches and its introduction of modifications that make cognitive-behavioral therapy more accessible to a broader population.

PsycCRITIQUES-Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books is the American Psychological Association's journal reviewing new releases in psychology.

Slattery received her bachelor's degree from Illinois State University and master's and doctorate degrees from Miami University. She has taught at Clarion University since 1984.

Clarion University is the high-achieving, nationally recognized, comprehensive university that delivers a personal and challenging academic experience.

2/12/2013 9:34 AM

Slattery contributes two articles to psychology journals