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Comments from Alumni

"... language programs are one of the best kept secrets at CUP, and it is time for more students to realize how learning another language can help with ANY professional field they enter." 
"... great professors - passionate about what they teach, committed to students - inspiration to future teachers; very accommodating to using credits from study abroad to substitute for other courses."
          -- Alexandra Batouyios, 2006 CUP Graduate,
             BS Spanish Education
             (currently employed as a high school Spanish teacher)


(I felt well prepared by the CUP language program due to) "The varied experiences of field experience and study abroad opportunities.  The cooperating teachers during student teaching were top notch as were the faculty at Clarion."
          -- Emily Bugbee, 2004 CUP Graduate,
             BS Spanish Education
             (currently employed as a high school Spanish teacher)

2013 Danielle
"The World Language Department at Clarion prepared me well in my area of expertise which helped me interview well, thus obtaining employment right after graduating."
"I feel that my two study abroad experiences (to Ecuador - in photo above - and Quebec, Canada) prepared me extremely well for the world languages classroom as well as my individual language classes at CUP."
          -- Danielle Connelly, 2005 CUP Graduate,
              BS Spanish Education
             (currently employed as a high school Spanish teacher)

"When I started at Clarion I had no intention of adding a French minor, but the more classes I took, the more I wanted to learn."
"I got a job immediately teaching English and French at Hollidaysburg Area Junior High School.  I was only hired there because of my French minor."
"When I moved back to Pittsburgh in 2006, I immediately got a job as a high school French teacher."
"I now teach adult ESL, but having learned a second language helps me relate to my students.  Therefore I can say with all my heart that being a French minor at Clarion was one of the best decisions I ever made."
          -- Lara Hauer, 1999 CUP Graduate
             English major with French minor
             Adult ESL teacher

"When I enrolled as a Spanish and French major at Clarion, I expected to receive training to help me become an effective and knowledgeable foreign language teacher.  What I got was that, and so much more.  From my very first foreign language course at Clarion I was exposed to a wide variety of real-world and cultural experiences from faculty who not only have a passion for the languages they teach, but also the students they teach.  Every course I took from every professor in the department, from my beginning level German course to my final Spanish Masters course was presented and taught in such a way that not only challenged me academically but also opened my eyes and mind to other cultures and experiences.  The experiences I had traveling and studying with the Modern Language department will stay with me for the rest of my life, and the faculty and fellow students I met while at Clarion have turned into lifelong professional and personal friends.  The Modern Language department at Clarion University, although small in size, is a huge asset to the university community on a variety of levels.  Now, I carry into my own classroom my experiences in the Modern Language department’s classrooms, and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to study what has now become my life passion with such a dynamic and knowledgeable department of faculty and students."
          -- Andrew Russell
             2009 CUP Graduate
             BS Spanish and French; German Minor
             2012 CUP Graduate
             M.Ed. with concentration in World Languages
             (currently employed as a high school Spanish & French teacher)

"I feel well prepared in all areas of the study of language; including reading and comprehension, grammar, listening and speaking, as well as writing and composition.  I thoroughly enjoy using my language skills in life, whether at work, with friends or shopping, on the phone, etc."
"My background in languages has most definitely helped me obtain numerous jobs ... my background in languages has gotten me at least an interview quite a few times."
          -- Mariah Yancey, 2010 CUP Graduate,
             BA Spanish
             (currently employed by the Commonwealth of PA
             in the Human Resources Department)