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UTAC Summary, 2012-DEC -- 2013-MAR

UTAC Summary, 11-DEC-2012 -- 15-MAR-2013

Note: This report summarizes the 11-DEC-2012 UTAC meeting and related committee activities completed through 28-FEB-2013 via subcommittee meetings and e-mail-based UTAC reviews.

Attendance: 12/11 meeting:  Lynne Fleisher, Dave Hartley, Terry Latour, Ben Legum, Amanda Lockwood, Julie London, Mike Phillips, Sam Puleio, Annette Rosati, Deb Sobina, Steve Selker.

Administrative Items

The following membership updates were noted:  Amanda Lockwood is the new representative from the Faculty Senate Technology, Subcommittee, Lynne Fleisher is the new representative from Extended Programs, Allison Zeiler is the new representative from Student Senate, and Connie Laughlin is the new representative from Student and University Affairs.  Ben Legum was elected as the UTAC Co-Chair.

Summary of Summer/Fall 2012 Tech Fee Projects

The committee reviewed a summary report of summer/fall 2012 tech fee project highlights.  Renewal projects included life cycle computer replacements for Venango laptops, STC laptops, Geospatial Lab PC's, Geospatial Lab scanner station, COBA 209 lab, the Stevens TIE lab.  Maintenance support was extended for the Still 111 ITV Unit, Scott Studio software, the radio transmitter, and the financial trading floor ticker.  For wireless networks, software maintenance was extended and 3 failed access points were replaced.  For smart classrooms, renewal project upgrades included 9 full classrooms, 36 computer replacements, 10 projector replacements 3 projector/control system replacements, and 7 audio visual component upgrades.   The total Tech Fee investment for these projects was approx. $461,000.

2012-13 Tech Fee

  • Reallocation Processes: The committee reviewed the scope and draft timelines for Tech Fee-related processes to reallocate PC's that can be cascaded from the summer/fall 2012 completed renewal projects.  90 units are available.  The request form and timelines were approved.  Forms will be distributed via the Responsibility Center (RC) managers by 12/12; general information will also be shared via the Announce list.  Proposals will be ranked by each RC manager and submitted to UTAC for review.  UTAC recommendations will then be routed to the Provost and President's Executive Council (PEC) for final approval -- with approved reallocations to be installed starting in March.

  • Renewal Processes: The committee reviewed projects and timelines for summer 2013 Tech Fee renewal projects.  29 projects are eligible for life cycle renewal.  The process, forms, and timelines were approved.  Notifications to eligible project contacts and associated RC managers will be completed in December.  RC managers will route approved renewal to UTAC for review.  UTAC recommendations will then be routed to the Provost and PEC for final approval.  Procurement of approved projects will be initiated during the spring semester with installation to follow during summer 2013.  For smart classroom renewals, the summer 2013 forecast includes 21 classroom or component upgrades and 31 PC upgrades.

  • Budget: The committee reviewed a draft budget for the 2012-13 Tech Fee.  Allocations continue for past UTAC initiatives with various software agreements, library databases, internet bandwidth, and smart classroom and wireless maintenance.  Allocations also continued for university-wide IT systems and services.  Based on the 2013 project renewal forecast and lower-than-budgeted renewals from Summer 2012, a balance of $135,000 was available for UTAC review.  The committee discussed new project initiatives and the unfunded non-tech fee core lab upgrades that are needed in 2015 and 2016.  UTAC approved $100,000 for a call for new project proposals for summer 201.  The balance of $35,000 was allocated to the core lab upgrades with the provision that the committee would re-visit that balance if needed based on the projects requested with the call for new projects.  The committee reviewed and approval proposal forms and timelines. 


2012-13 Tech Fee -- Spring 2013 Actions

  • Spring 2013 Reallocation Results: With the call for requests to reallocate former Tech Fee equipment, UTAC received 19 proposals requesting 76 of the 90 available computers. The subcommittee reviewed the proposals and recommended the approval of all of the requests. In some cases, the award was for the second choice for a given proposal, but with this process units were awarded to all proposals. Since there were still some units remaining, it was also recommended that the remaining units be utilized to replace older faculty, staff, and student worker computers where needed, with Computing Services to work directly with the RC Managers to review inventories and identify the specific replacements. The UTAC recommendations were advanced to the Provost and approved by PEC. The installation of cascaded units has been initiated.

  • New Project Results: The call for proposals was initiated through the RC managers in December; general information was also be shared via the Announce list.  Proposals were ranked by each RC manager and submitted to UTAC for review.  14 proposals were received totaling $98,712.  All proposals were recommended for approval.  Projects included iPads for University Libraries circulation, Collaborative Student Presentation Areas in the libraries, a student technology center pilot, projectors for Gemmell meeting rooms, CU Connect hand held card readers, LCD Displays for Gemmell and Tippin, MATlab and sync software for STC and Carlson labs, student presentation capture equipment, and iPad carts for Business, Nursing, CSD. The UTAC recommendations were routed to the Provost and PEC for final approval.  PEC approved the recommendations for the new projects.  Procurement of approved projects will be initiated during the spring semester with installation to follow during summer 2013.

Core Software Considerations for 2013-14

The committee discussed recent and pending releases of the Microsoft desktop operating system (Windows 8) and the office suite (Office 2013 for Windows / Office 365) and considerations for the review and deployment of this software to PC's for labs, classrooms, faculty, and staff.   UTAC agreed to retain Windows 7 as the standard Microsoft desktop operating system for 2013-14 with the understanding that selected pilots of Windows 8 would be pursued later in the calendar year to provide more information on the support implications of a transition to Windows 8.  For office suite, however, UTAC requested that Office 2013 be pursued as the standard software for labs, classrooms, and new installs starting this summer.  (Note:  Microsoft hasn't published a release date for an updated Mac Office Suite yet.  If past practice holds with the vendor, it is anticipated for 2014).  A pilot project for Office 2013 will launch in March.  Pending the resolution of the campus licensing package options an details and internal Computing Services testing, a general call for "early adopters" will be announced to faculty and staff.  As part of the "early adopter" process, "what's new / changed" documentation will be developed and associated communications and training will be provided starting in April.  With the completion of the "early adopter" pilot this semester, summer 2013 projects will be completed to update all Windows labs and classrooms to Office 2013.  Faculty and staff will compatible hardware will be able to upgrade to Office 2013 upon request and all new installs starting in May will include Windows 7 / Office 2013.


Smart Classrooms

In addition to the Smart Classroom activities reported as part of the Tech Fee 2012 summer, the following additional Computing Services' projects were noted:

  • In partnership with the College of Education through a Technology Integration Project grant, installed (4) self contained SmartBoards (SPED 112, Stevens 103, 118, and STC 242) and (1) Smart Table in Stevens 118.

  • In partnership with the Venango Nursing Renovation/Construction Project, a 2 Bed High Fidelity Nursing Simulation Lab was installed. The renovation project also installed a Nursing Smart Classroom/Debriefing room in Montgomery 115.

Recognizing the current facilities master planning effort and the forecast for a higher number of smart classroom renewal projects in 2014, the committee discussed opportunities to update smart classroom asses. UTAC agreed to form a working group to evaluate our current model for smart classroom equipment and consider any changes that are needed to the model for summer 2014 and beyond. The subcommittee will also participate in the facility master plan process to research and provide feedback to the consultants on considerations for future instructional technology spaces.


Pending UTAC-related Projects and Planning Activities

Beyond the projects detailed above, the committee noted several other pending initiatives to commence with UTAC later in the 2013 calendar year including updated Social Media Guidelines, Windows 7 reboot procedures, and Personal web-based storage. Of course, numerous other initiatives will be discussed as part of the IT planning process that will commence in February as part of the university-wide planning process. With the IT plan, one aspect will include engagement with the various plans that are being developed at the division and college level across the university to identify the IT planning elements that align with those individual plans.. At the same time, UTAC will also review IT considerations at the university level.  Focus group sessions will be scheduled with numerous groups at the university to include UTAC the Faculty Senate Technology Subcommittee, and Student Senate,   Open forums will also be held at Clarion and Venango.


UTAC discussed the working groups that were needed to complete the 2012-13 initiatives and agreed to form the following subcommittees:  Tech Fee Equipment Reallocation and Renewal, Tech Fee New Projects, Smart Classroom, and Planning.  The co-chairs polled UTAC members via e-mail and identified subcommittee assignments for the year.  Subcommittee membership is recorded on the UTAC web site