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In an effort to bring together the Clarion University community and the Clarion area community, Clarion University Center for Leadership and Involvement will host the second annual Come Together Clarion event from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 20.

Led by senior education major Anna Olszewski, this year’s day of activity is moving from last year’s location in Gemmell to the intersection of Main Street and 6th Avenue.

“By moving the event downtown this year, we hope to increase the number of participants,” Olszewski said. Last year, around 86 students and community members gathered in the Gemmell multi-purpose room. This year’s events will take place on the first two blocks of 6th Avenue between Captain Loomis Bar and Restaurant and 6th and Main Market. Should weather prevent outdoor participation, the event will be moved to the American Legion on Main Street.

According to Olszewski, the overall goal of Come Together Clarion is to strengthen the relationship between university students and Clarion residents.

“We hope that the end result is that new connections between individuals and organizations are made,” she said. “We hope students meet residents and get a chance to talk to them, and that residents can communicate with students. Only through these interactions can we bring the two groups closer together and help them understand each other.”

All students, residents and business owners are invited to attend Come Together Clarion and participate in the day’s activities. These include Family Olympics, contests with prizes, community advocacy tables, a 5K race hosted by Sigma Phil Epsilon, and the Neighborhood Star Awards ceremony.

Clarion University student organizations are encouraged to partner with community organizations and businesses to host an activity table during Come Together Clarion.

“Our hope is that each participating RSO makes a long-lasting bond with its partner community agency,” Olszewski said. “These partnerships could carry over into other events and make the two groups into a team, working toward the same mission.”

Students and organizations interested in volunteering should send an email to

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3/28/2013 9:45 AM

Come Together Clarion promotes university-community relations