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Notes from the Provost


Please Note: Clarion University, as well as all of the Passhe schools, transitioned from Blackboard to Desire2Learn in 2010. Turnitin documentation is available on the Learning Technology Center's Web pages.


The following information was distributed by the Provost to all faculty in Spring 2006.

Clarion University will make the Turnitin plagiarism-detection software available for Spring semester, 2006. Turnitin provides originality reports of student papers based on comparisons with Turnitin's internal database and Internet-wide searches. Turnitin will be available only through individual course sites in Blackboard.

The University's policies on academic honesty will not change. The Learning and Technology Center will add modules on the Blackboard site that notifies students of Turnitin's availability to faculty. However, if you are planning to use Turnitin, you must announce in your syllabus that students' papers may be submitted to Turnitin.

This notice that must be placed in your syllabus. Your syllabus should also notify students of penalties and procedures regarding plagiarism.

Syllabus Statement

Clarion University has a license agreement with, a
service that helps prevent plagiarism by comparing student papers with Turnitin's database and Internet sources. Students who take this course agree that all required papers may be submitted to While student privacy is protected, papers submitted to Turnitin do become source documents in Turnitin's reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers. Use of the Turnitin service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use posted on Turnitin's website. Clarion University is committed to preserving academic integrity as defined by the Academic Honesty Policy.

Educating students about plagiarism is important. Turnitin can be used as a learning tool for students if the Turnitin assignment created allows them to submit their own drafts.