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service day rake
Clarion University students rake a wooded area, one of 19 sites where the 205 volunteers gave their combined 535 hours of time on Community Service Day, April 13.

Kelly Ryan, assistant director of Clarion University Center for Leadership and Involvement, characterized the spring 2013 Community Service Day as “a great success,” as 205 Golden Eagles volunteered to better the local community.

With a combined total of 532.5 hours served, the 19 sites at which students served represented a record as the greatest number of sites involved in the history of the event.

“We are very, very pleased about this,” Ryan said. “Adding new partners to our events is always exciting, and in this case it gives us the opportunity to help connect students and community members in a way that can lead to meaningful conversation, while tackling some manual labor projects that need to be done.”

Ryan further explained that having more service sites leads to more meaningful service all around. Ryan hopes that, in the near future, CLI will partner with enough organizations to eliminate trash pickup from the day’s activities.

“Taking trash clean-up out of the Service Day program does not mean we will no longer be doing trash clean up,” Ryan said. “In fact, we will actually be increasing our attention to trash detail with a new initiative called “Keep Clarion Clean.”

Beginning in May, CLI will host trash clean-ups one weekend each month.

service day dig
Students clear brush from the yard of a Clarion residence during Community Service Day.

Of the 19 sites, a number of participants volunteered at the homes of private citizens.

“The students who return from these projects always have amazing things to say about how glad they are that they went there, and how happy they are to have met the community members they did,” Ryan said.

Always happy to help out the community, Ernie the Eagle was able to clear his schedule and serve alongside the service day volunteers, as shown in this video.

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4/17/2013 1:09 PM

Clarion University students combine for 532 hours of service to the community