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Registered Nursing Program

Clarion University - Pittsburgh Site's  association with West Penn Hospital School of Nursing (WPHSON)

Clarion's Registrar's Office classifies WPHSON students as either allied health degree majors or non-degree majors.  Student may choose either option:


·        To provide 10 general education courses (30 credits) for WPHSON Diploma requirements.  These courses include Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Microbiology, Nutrition, Writing, Logic, Ethics, Microcomputers, Psychology and Sociology.

·        To provide a stepping stone for WPHSON graduates to easily transition into Clarion University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) Program which available fully on-line.

Clarion's 2 Options for WPHSON Students:

Option #1:  Non-degree Registration 

*Recommended for students who are transferring in 6 or more credits from other universities.

Beginning nursing students at WPHSON may choose to register under the non-degree option at Clarion University.  This indicates that they are taking needed Clarion courses to fulfill their requirements to WPHSON's program and will graduate with a Diploma from WPHSON and a number of credits from Clarion. 

Option #2:  Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree in Allied Health Registration

New students at WPHSON may register for an Associate of Science Degree in Allied Health.  60 credits are required to earn this degree.  Clarion grants 30 credits upon successful completion of the WPHSON's nursing classes plus 30 credits for the 10 Clarion courses completed as requirements for WPHSON.  

This option is highly recommended for students who are not transferring in any credits from other universities as they will be earning the 60 credits in their time at WPHSON. 

Students who are only transferring in 3 credits (1 course) are also advised to select this option because upon graduation from WPHSON, they will have earned 57 credits and will only need one more clarion course (3 credits) to earn their A.S.