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General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements (48 Credits)


(12 Credits)

A. English composition (3 Credits)
B. Mathematics (3 Credits)
C. Additional Courses (6 Credits)

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II. Liberal Knowledge

(27 Credits)

A. Physical and Biological Science (9 Credits)
B. Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 Credits)
C. Arts and Humanities (9 Credits)

III.  Health and Personal Performance
(with focus on wellness, creative activities, and use of leisure time)
          (3 Credits)

A.  Personal performance (one course) - 1 credit
     To obtain this credit a student must:

  • Identify an activity of interest to complete where they reside
  • Email Missy Kube with the Credit for Life Experience form completed.  This must
    completed BEFORE the activity is completed.
  • The activity should be fifteen weeks in length
  • The student must have the instructor/trainer of the activity complete the "Record of
    Attendance for Personal Performance Credit
    " form upon completion of the activity and forward it to
    Dr. Joyce Overly, Clarion University of PA, College of Arts and Sciences, 840 Wood Street, Clarion, PA 
  • The student will be contacted via their Eagle Email address upon review of the activity to
    confirm award of the credit.

Questions regarding the One-Credit Person Performance Credit may be directed to Lynne
Fleisher at  

B.  HPE 111- 2 Credits

IV. General Education Electives

(6 Credits)