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Clarion University faculty member Dr. Sandra Trejos and students attended the 2013 Midwest Economics Conference held in Columbus, Ohio.

Trejos, professor of economics, presented a paper on "Happiness, Culture, and Economic Growth in Latin America” during a session on economic growth. As part of this same session, she discussed a paper by Biniv Maskav on "Financial Development, Human Capital and Economic Growth."

Trejos eco conf
Dr. Sandra Trejos (left) and Tai McNaughton

Also presenting was Clarion University economics graduate Tai McNaughton. Her paper on "Aid, Trade, and Development" was part of her research work during her senior year at Clarion University. Her paper, accepted earlier this year, was part of one of four undergraduate paper sessions scheduled at the conference. Other students in attendance were Kate Coen, Terri-Lynn Clark and Shianne Russell, all members of the economics club, PEACE. They attended the Woody Thompson Lecture on "Trade Imbalances and Unemployment in Europe" by Dr. Samuel Kortum from Yale University.         

Other sessions attended by the students included the following: Health, Development, and Income; Healthcare Markets; Models of Financial, Monetary and Fiscal Policy; Public Policy: Innovation and Corruption; Financial Development and Growth; Labor Force Participation and Retirement Decisions; Public Health Insurance, Providers and Quality; Economic Growth; Trade and Development.

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7/9/2013 2:34 PM

Students, faculty attend Midwest Economics Association Conference