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Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Project

Guidelines for all B.F.A. Graduation Projects

All theatre and musical theatre B.F.A. candidates must complete a graduation project. All projects must be in their focus of study such as performance, design or stage management. The goal of the B.F.A. graduation project is to provide deeper understanding of the student's area of concentration.

The steps to complete a project are:

  1. Each student will notify the theatre faculty in writing for discussion and assignment of a graduation project. This should be done no less than three semesters prior to the final year of classes.
  2. Each graduation project must be presented to the theatre faculty. It will include a project self -assessment which includes both written and oral presentation of goals, procedures and outcomes.
  3. Within three weeks of closing, the student will defend their project in an oral presentation to the faculty.
  4. Written material will be given to the faculty for perusal no less than five days before the presentation date.
  5. The written documentation must include description of process, calendar of activities and an artist journal of discoveries and challenges. The student also will need to provide substantial research for the project, personal thoughts and experiences.
  6. All projects must include historical research of the time and the geographical setting of the play. Examples include government, social, economic conditions, as well as environment.


  • Actors must include specific written and pictorial research of the character they are portraying.
  • Set, lighting, costume and properties designers must include specific research relating to their design.
  • Set designers, costume designers and properties designers should include preliminary sketches, working drawings and/or final renderings of the design.
  • Sound Designers must include sound plots, diagrams and specific research regarding the music of the period of the play. If composing original music, material, such as images or writings that evoke the mood of the piece, should be included. A CD of the sound design for the production is required.
  • Stage managers must include a prompt script that follows the industry standard. Students also must submit production meeting reports, rehearsal reports and written communications to/from the other members of the production team. Research related to the script is suggested.
  • Students completing a Theatre Technology project must include reproductions of the designer’s renderings, historical/pictorial research and any drawings. A photographic journal of the process is required.