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Venango College Writing Center



The Venango College Writing Center exists to help students of the college pursue their educational goals and develop into better writers and lifelong learners.


The Writing Center offers free tutoring services for the students of Venango College.

While the Writing Center is not a proofreading service, we will help you with writing for any class by offering one-to-one tutoring sessions. Qualified peer tutors can offer help with:

  • generating ideas

  • drafting / composing

  • revision / rewriting

  • documentation – MLA, APA, etc.

  • editing / grammar

We welcome walk-ins during our scheduled hours. Or, call the Writing Center to make an appointment during our regular hours of operation. Tutoring sessions generally last from 15-30 minutes.

 For more information, find us on Facebook. Search “The Venango College Writing Center.”



Montgomery Hall

The Venango College Writing Center is located in 318 Montgomery Hall.

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Monday – Thursday
Hours will vary by semester, so please call 814-676-6591, Extension 1341 for the most updated information.


Dr. Renae R. Applegate House, Writing Center Coordinator 

HouseRenae R. Applegate House is an assistant professor of English and a wannabe R&B back-up singer. She resides in Grove City where she shares a rustic dwelling (a home she has lovingly deemed “The Ponderosa”) with her two rambunctious kids, her poet husband, her quirky parents and her Shih Tzu Issy. She enjoys coffee (and other highly caffeinated beverages), good books and good conversation. Though teaching and being a mom take up most of her time, she continues to dabble with prose and vows to someday publish a novel of her own. She is obsessed with Dystopian literature, film and television, and it wouldn’t be uncommon to find her discussing the latest episode of “The Walking Dead” on a Monday morning. House directs and coordinates the Venango College Writing Center. She plans to tutor regularly in the Writing Center as part of the Center’s on-going Peer Tutor Training.


Hannah Beatty, Peer Tutor

Hannah Beatty is writing this blurb and finds it a bit weird that she’s writing about herself like it’s the beginning of one of those long, sad novels that details the life of an individual who is trying really hard to sound interesting. There she is, sitting at the computer, thinking about how she really shouldn’t mention her love of cheese and her constant need for some sort of adventure involving it (the cheese) whether it be in fantasyland or real life because terrifying journeys need that sort of stuff to lighten the mood a bit. She is a weird cave dweller who really likes books and stuff, will karate chop you if say that equal rights are unnecessary (or will just start singing parodies really loudly in your ear), who writes stories about her Chihuahua (and tacos and talking cats), who loves Pirates of the Caribbean, and who is revealing way too much about herself right now! She’s not one of those outlaw cowboys who sings songs around campfires and strives to do better. Okay, one of those is actually true.


Lexi Best, Peer Tutor Best

Lexi Best is a fourth year Liberal Studies major, concentrating in English and working toward a minor in Business Administration.  In addition to being a full-time student, Best also works part-time as a teller at a nearby Credit Union and as a sales associate at Dunham’s. Aside from school and work, she is a cheerleader at Clarion University and an assistant coach to her older sister at her hometown high school. She resides with her mom, dad, two puppies and three cats.  

 KutrufisKassandra Kutrufis, Peer Tutor

Kassandra Kutrufis is a sophomore at Clarion University who majors in Medical Imaging. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but she now resides in Oil City while attending college. Cracking jokes and listening to music are how she gets through the day. When she is at home, she blasts the music of alternative and rock bands while burning incense. A sure way to her heart is through frozen chai lattes from Sheetz and Alice in Wonderland.



Sara Bell

Sara Bell, Peer Tutor

Sara Bell is a first year elementary education major who is also looking into a minor in communications. She is from right here in Oil City, currently living at home with her parents and three dogs. Aside from writing and reading, her other hobbies include Tae Kwon Do and band. She performs with the Silver Cornet Band in the summer as a clarinet and alto saxophone player. Her future goal in life, along with getting her black belt and wanting to be the best musician she can be is to become a Pokémon master.