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Tornados and Severe Weather

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Severe thunderstorms are possible.  Continue normal activities and monitor the situation.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Severe thunderstorms are occurring.

  • Keep people indoors and away from windows until the severe storm passes. If you are outside, seek shelter immediately.

  • Report injuries and damage on campus to Public Safety at 814-393-2111.  (9-911 will also work from an on-campus phone.)

Tornado Watch

Tornados and severe thunderstorms are possible.  Continue normal activities; but, monitor the situation.

Tornado Warning

Spotters and/or radar have identified an actual tornado in the area.

  • If in the warning area, seek shelter immediately. Stay away from windows and exterior doors. Basements, interior hallways on the lower floors and small interior rooms on the lower floors offer the best shelter.

  • Know the location of your nearest shelter in advance.

  • Do not open windows; this can increase damage to the building.

  • Report injuries and damage to the Department of Public Safety at 814-393-2111 or 911. (9-911 will also work from an on-campus phone.)  Also, notify Campus Facilities Planning & Management of damage and your departmental administrative office.

  • If in a vehicle, get out and seek shelter in a sturdy building. If a building is not available, lying flat in a depression such as a ditch or ravine offers some protection.

Thunder and Lightning

If you hear thunder less than 30 seconds after seeing a flash of lightning, seek safe shelter immediately.