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Program of Study

Recommended Course Sequence
Schedule is subject to change.


First Semester - Spring

ED 121: Human Development and Learning

ECH 240: Nutrition & the Young Child

HPE 111: Health & Wellness


First Summer

ECH 231: Creative Activities in ECH


Second Semester - Fall

ECH 234: Observation and Assessment

ENG 111: College Writing


Third Semester - Spring

ECH 301: Child Development & Guidance

MATH 111: Math Concepts Grades K - 8


Second Summer

ED 350: Teaching English Language Learners


Fourth Semester - Fall

ECH 310: Family-Community Collaboration

ECH 322: Curriculum Basis in ECH*


Fifth Semester - Spring

ECH 323: Language, Literacy & the Young Child

ECH 325: Young Children as Theory Builders


Third Summer

SPED 418: Exceptionalities in the Regular Class


Sixth Semester - Fall

ECH 413: Leadership in Early Childhood Education*

HIST 120; HIST 121; GEOG 100 or GEOG 257


Seventh Semester - Spring

MATH 211: Fundamental Topics in K-8 Math

PSY 211, ANTH 211, or SOC 211


Fourth Summer

FIne Arts/Humanities

Physical/Biological Science


Eighth Semester - Fall

Literature Class

*Denotes classes that are part of the PA Early Childhood Director Credential Program