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UTAC Summary, 2013-MAY-15

UTAC Summary, 15-MAY-2013   ** draft **

Note: This report summarizes the 11-DEC-2012 UTAC meeting and related committee activities completed through 28-FEB-2013 via subcommittee meetings and e-mail-based UTAC reviews.

Attendance:  Lynne Fleisher, Dave Hartley, Terry Latour, Ben Legum, Marilyn Harhai, Connie Laughlin, Amanda Lockwood, Mike Phillips, Rein Pold, Sam Puleio, Annette Rosati, Steve Selker.

Administrative Items

The DEC-12..MAR-13 Meeting Summary was approved.

Draft IT Plan

The planning subcommittee routed the draft IT plan to the full UTAC on 5/4.  It was noted that all of the college plans have not been finalized yet, so some additional review of the IT plan may be required where alignment is needed with those plans.  UTAC endorsed the plan and it will be submitted to the Planning, Assesment, and Improvement office.

Windows XP

Microsoft will end support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. While the Clarion standard Windows operating system for new machines has been Windows 7 for several years, there are still numerous (800+) legacy machines on campus that run Windows XP. Some of these machines are being upgraded in the summer as part of the faculty PC upgrade initiative. Many of the remaining machines have hardware capable of running Windows 7; generally these machines are older than 2007. A replacement plan is needed for the remaining machines in order to provision hardware that will support Windows 7.

The committee discussed options and approaches to address the upgrade.  After the summer 2013 tech fee upgrades, there will be approximately 90 PC's available to "cascade" through the standard UTAC process.  The committee agreed to pursue the cascade process immediately at the start of the fall semester.  The initial announcement will be made to RC Managers in the summer, but the due date for requests will be 9/27 in order to provide departments with adequate time to prepare proposals.  As the call for cascaded equipment is made, Computing Services will provide RC managers with reports to summarize the Windows XP issue and inventories for the RC so that appropriate requests can be included and prioritized in the cascade process.  When the faculty PC upgrades are compeleted and the cascades are awarded, Computing Services will work with each RC manager to plan Windows 7 upgrades from OCT-2013 through MAR-2014.  Application compatability will need to be reviewed as part of the upgrade process, particularly in the science labs.


Summer 2013 Tech Fee Renewals

  • Tech Fee Renewal Results: UTAC completed the tech fee project renewal process.  29 projects were eligible for renewal; 6 elected to cancel the renewal and 6 elected to defer the renewal until 2014.  The remaining 17 projects were reviewed by UTAC and advanced to PEC as recommended life cycle replacement/renewals.  Renewal projects were approved for Becker CIS PC's, Becker CIS Advanced Lab PC's, Biology Imaging Analysis PC, Video Post-production editing station Mac's and software, Scott Studio System maintenance, Geospatial Technologies Lab life servers and software,  MEDIA Project (Art/Music/Communications computer labs), Mac's, publishing software for the Clarion Call, Radio Transmitter maintenance, Theatre Design Lab/Studio software, ITV maintenance for 4 ITV rooms, Athletics Film Exchange laptops and cameras, Adaptive Technology Lab PC and software, and a Financial Trading Floor stock ticker engine upgrade.  Total cost for all projects is ~ $221,000.  Procurement and projects will be initiated over the summer.

  • Smart Classrooms: In addition to the renewal projects, summer 2013 projects will also include a variety of smart classroom refresh projects.  In summary, 39 computers, 16 projectors, 2 full rooms, and 6 control or sound components will be upgraded.

Smart Classroom Subcommittee

The smart classroom subcommittee provided an update on their discussions to date and their plans for the fall semester. A fall survey will be launched to review the smart classroom "level" model including all of the room components. In collaborations with the Facilities Master Plan consultant, the subcommittee will utilize feedback from the survey to develop model classrooms for review in each college.