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Olivas smith pack martin
From left: Olivas-Lujan, Smith, Pack and Martin

Dr. Basil Martin, circulation coordinator at Carlson Library; Dr. Uraina Pack, professor of English; Dr. Chad Smith, associate professor of administrative science and Dr. Miguel Olivas-Luján, professor of administrative science, made presentations of their recent research projects on Oct. 17. The presentations were a part of the College of Business Administration’s Faculty and Student Research Forums. They shared versions of these presentations in May during the “Interdisciplinary Conference on Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Global Educational Community” at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, Africa. 

The presenters extended an invitation for Clarion University students to experience other cultures and take advantage of the international programs offered with institutions around the world.  They stressed that, even with the budget cuts experienced by the university, the need to be competitive on a global basis is more pressing, and there are both local and state-level scholarships dedicated to students going abroad for academic reasons. The Office of International Programs can provide details on opportunities and support available.

Martin presented “Information Literacy in the Global Community.”  When students incorporate multiple viewpoints into their own understanding of the factors that shape the world, they develop a global perspective on an issue instead of relying on a framework of how a particular issue is discussed in the local media. Dr. Martin highlighted different approaches for students to utilize digital resources to find information produced in other countries. He also discussed some of the benefits of incorporating global online resources as a source of information in the classroom and how doing so can advance information literacy skills.

Pack discussed “A Sterling Legacy: The Impact of W.E.B. DuBois on Ghanaian Politics and History.” Du Bois’s role in the development of Ghana and his relationship to its past president, Kwame Nkrumah, was a sociological and cultural coup that legitimized the yearning for Africa embodied in his writings.  Nkrumah, like DuBois, had analyzed the “place” of the African from a global perspective based on Africa’s colonization and the deliberate demonization of African cultural values in order to enrich and strengthen Europe.  Through discussion and examination of their relationship, memorials, and influence on Ghana today, DuBois’s legacy is profound and enduring. 

Finally, Smith and Olivas-Luján presented “Assessing Multicultural Competencies for the Global Community.”  A general strategy for assessing international programs was discussed, along with the challenges that have been experienced to make firmer progress on this project.  This presentation was sponsored in part by a Summer Assessment Grant from the College of Business Administration.

The “Interdisciplinary Conference on Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Global Educational Community” was organized by West Chester University of Pennsylvania and partially sponsored by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Presenters came to Ghana from Nigeria, Ivory Coast and various institutions in the U.S., including: Clarion, West Chester, the R. Stockton College of New Jersey, North Carolina State, San Francisco State, University of Minnesota, Illinois State and Kennesaw State.

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11/4/2013 3:50 PM

Martin, Pack, Smith and Olivas-Lujan make local presentations of summer work in Ghana