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Students taking the International Economic Research course will present the results of their research during the International Economic Research Symposium from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. Dec. 3 and from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m. Dec. 5 in Still Hall 102. Students will present their work as they would in a professional conference.

Presentation times and topics for Dec. 3 are as follows:

  • 12:30 p.m., Chelsea Mathieu and Marcedes Newby – Haiti: Development and Growth

  • 12:45 p.m., Krista Freeland and Kristy Meteney – Olympics, Trade, and Migration

  • 1 p.m., Patrick Camloh and Kegan Oldach – Eurozone’s Effect on its Members’ GDP

  • 1:15 p.m., Emily Schierberl and Jordan Mesoraco – Globalization and Income Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • 1:30 p.m., Zachary Culbertson and Stephen Betza – Outsourcing: For Good or Bad?

Presentation times and topics for Dec. 5 are as follows:

  • 12:15 p.m., Loran Jackson and Dieontae Swoope – Outsourcing and Domestic Unemployment: The U.S. and China Case.

  • 12:30 p.m., Brett Sutika and Daniel Cromwell – International Trade and Growth in China and the U.S.

  • 12:45, Kevin Bowser – The Indian Economy and the Indian Population Explosion

  • 1 p.m., Lisa Wright – Comparative Advantage in West Africa

  • 1:15 p.m., Megan Smith and Alex Angelone – Beer Here! Trading Beer and the Gravity Model

  • 1:30 p.m., Kathleen Coen and Elizabeth Lipski – Tsunamis, Oil Spills, and JPY/USD Exchange Rates

There will be a question and answer session after each presentation.

Presentations already given include:

  • Michael Felker – Socialism and Trade: A Multi-Country Comparison
  • Anh Lu, Mario Serrano and Emmelie Ylinenpaa – International Trade: Sweden, Ecuador, and Vietnam
  • Blayze Stefaniak and Ryo Ogura – Determinants of GDP Growth in Brazil, Iran, Israel, Korea, and Rwanda
  • Halsey Ginter and Sara Mancine – Unemployment and Trade in Japan
  • Emily Stewart and Nathan Lasher – The Butterfly Effect of Trade on GDP

For more information on the symposium, contact Dr. Sandra Trejos at

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11/22/2013 2:09 PM

Business students to present International Economic Research Symposium