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The Anthropology, Geography, Earth Science (AGES) Department combines linked academic disciplines, which unite the human and physical worlds. The earth science component of the department, primarily concerned with the physical realm, is covered by the disciplines of Anthropology, Geology, Environmental Geoscience, and the Geography Minor combine human relationships with the physical world.

The goal of the Department is to understand how the physical world influences the development and proliferation of culture, in addition to how humans impact the environment. Additionally, geographic techniques important to understanding the world around us, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Remote Sensing, are included. A holistic understanding of the integrated Earth system is thereby gained through the combination of disciplines housed within the department.

The mix of natural physical sciences with human science makes AGES the most diverse academic department at Clarion University. A total of three degree programs are housed within the department and span two buildings on campus. They include:

The Department also shares the Education Earth and Space Science degree program with the Education Department, in addition to offering:

The department also is proposing minors in both Geology and Environmental Geoscience.