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The Anthropology, Geography, and Earth Science (AGES) Department offers Minors in Geographic Information Science, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and a concentration in Geography and Sustainable Planning under the Liberal Studies degree program.

GIS Minor

  1. ES/GEOG 210 Fundamentals of Digital Mapping; ES/GEOG 345 Computer Cartography; ES.GEOG 400 Intro Remote Sensing; ES/GEOG 425 Advanced Remote Sensing; ES/GEOG 470 Intro GIS; ES/GEOG 490 Advanced GIS

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor           

  1. Please see the University Catalog for more information.

Geography and Sustainable Planning Concentration (Liberal Studies Degree Program)

  1. GEOG 100 Intro World Geog; ES 150 Physical Geology w/lab; GEOG 257 US & Canada; GEOG 310 Geography, Sustainable Development; GEOG/ES Climatology; GEOG/ES 400 Intro Remote Sensing w/ lab; GEOG/ES Intro GIS

  2. One course from the following three categories

    1. Technical: ES/GEOG 345 Computer Cartography w/lab; ES/GEOG 425 Advanced Remote Sensing; ES/GEOG Advanced GIS w/lab

    2. Regional: GEOG 250 Geography of Europe; GEOG 252 Geography of Latin America; GEOG 256 Geography of the Caribbean

    3. Topical: GEOG 260 Economic Geography; GEOG 265 Trade and Transportation; GEOG 315 Race, Class, and Gender