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D2L Logo       What's New in D2L Version 10.2?

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Mark your calendars now!

Desire2Learn (D2L) will be upgraded on December 14, 2013. The upgrade from version 10 to version 10.2 will begin at 12:01am and end at 6pm. The Desire2Learn system will be unavailable during this time. Winter intersession courses will be live with version 10.2 when classes start on December 16.

While this upgrade does not completely change the functionality of D2L, it does introduce changes to the Content and Discussions areas.  The following is a summary of the major changes that will occur in D2L with the upgrade to v10.2.

Changes to Content and Discussion Areas

Course Content Upgrades:

New features include Bookmarks, Upcoming Events, and a Table of Contents navigation area. The Course Bookmarks allow you to quickly jump to frequently accessed or deleted items. Upcoming Events display course events, such as due-dates for assignments.

Redesigned Content Tool:

  • To display your course content you will select CONTENT in the top navigation bar. The layout of the modules and topics has been redesigned to provide easier and more user-friendly navigation. The Table of Contents is a list of all course modules and items that are available. Individual modules are listed below the Table of Contents.  By selecting a specific module from the left-hand navigation, you will be able to see the content related to the module, in the right panel.


Accessing Discussion Area:

  • The Discussions area is where you can post, read, and reply to messages posted by others. Instructors use the discussions area to share thoughts about your course material, ask questions, share files, or work together with your peers. The main Discussions page (top navigation bar > Communication > Discussion) lists the topics available to you and is organized into Forums and Topics. Topics are indented below the Forum titles. You must click on the subject line to enter the topic and reply to a thread.


 Completion Method Icon:

Content now has a Completion Method Icon. This tool lets you see your course progression! You can manually indicate when an assignment has been completed. You can also see the number of topics you have completed and indicate when you are done with an assignment.