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Creating the PowerPoint Presentation

Creating the PowerPoint Presentation

Create a basic PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Insert an image on each individual slide.
    • PowerPoint for Windows offers a great feature called Photo Album. The feature allows you to insert multiple images into a presentation all at once. (File>New>Photo Album). This feature is not available on the Macintosh.
  • Add captions or titles. Below are a few tips for creating PowerPoint presentations using images.
  • Save your presentation as a PowerPoint presentation in case you need to edit the file later.



If you load high-resolution images into PowerPoint, the resulting file will be large, possibly several megabytes. Use the Compress Pictures feature to create a smaller file size and reduce download time.

1. Open the PowerPoint file.

2. Select one or more pictures in the presentation.

3. On the Picture toolbar, click Compress Picture ltc-pp_compress_icon

Note: If you do not see the Picture toolbar:
Click on the View menu, then select Toolbars > Picture.


4. In the Compress Pictures window select the appropriate settings:


Apply to: Select the appropriate option for your file. Notice that you can choose to compress all the pictures in the document at the same time.

Change Resolution: Select ‘Web/Screen’
Resolution: 96 dots per inch (dpi)

Select 'Compress pictures'
Select 'Delete cropped areas of pictures'

5. Click Ok and save your file.