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Nurse? X-Ray tech? Speech pathologist?

Featured program: Health

Are you looking for job security in a field that will allow you to serve others? If so, you’ve chosen wisely. By 2020, nearly one in nine U.S. jobs is projected to be in the health sector. And, Clarion University is the ideal place to start. We are confident that your journey at Clarion will lead to a rewarding health-related career. Our students go on to be nurses, X-ray techs, radiologists, respiratory therapists, speech pathologists and audiologists.

There are a variety of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees from which to choose, as well as pre-professional programs that lead to advanced degrees in the health field.

You’ll also find that Clarion provides opportunities to become a leader in the health field through its  allied health programs.

Whatever path you choose, we’re certain Clarion University will give you the tools to care for people of all ages, all over the world, as part of a career that offers job security and competitive wages.

Health Programs