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Degrees in engineering have long been one of the most marketable and most lucrative of all the degrees a student can receive in the sciences.  Our challenging program combines a strong foundation in physics with a more focused experience at an engineering school.  Graduates of this program have been enormously successful finding employment in industry across the state of Pennsylvania.   Your degree in engineering will allow you to make important and immediate contributions.

The three/two program is not the only way to become an engineer.  An alternative way is to complete your four years of training in physics here at Clarion University and then to attend an engineering school for a Master’s in Engineering, which usually requires an additional two years.  Because the coursework is the same for the first three years, you do not need to decide if you are transferring to an engineering school until sometime during your junior year.

Also, the American Institute of Physics (AIP) maintains a Career Network. The AIP Career Website has a proven record of providing helpful career information and job opportunities for undergraduate students.