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Advisory Board

Friday, February 14, 2014
8:00 a.m.
Rhoades Hall


John Phillips, Oil Region Alliance

Lisa Groner, The Learning Center

Chris Reber, Venango College

Kay Ensle, Venango College

Deb Lutz, Oil Region Alliance

Jeremy Ravotti, Ravotti Air

Jim Shore, PMI

Dave Lott, Venango College

Rod Griffin, Specialty Fabrication and Powder Coating

Matt Healy, AAS-IT graduate (BAS student)

Dennis Wilke, PMI

Kyle Herron, Webco

Stephanie Craig, Triangle Tech

Lance Hummer, Keystone Community Education Council

Susan Hileman, Northwest Industrial Resource Center

Bill Hallock, Venango College


I. Bill Hallock opened the meeting at 8 a.m. and welcomed everyone in attendance. II. John Phillips, Chair, made opening remarks

III. Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Rod Griffin, and seconded by Kyle Herron, to approve the minutes of the June 2012 meeting. Motion approved by unanimous decision.

IV. Approval of By-Law Changes

A motion was made by Lisa Groner, and seconded by Rod Griffin, to approve changes to the Bylaws. Some discussion was had regarding editing specific wording, and those changes were made. Motion approved by unanimous decision.

V. Approval of Program Mission & Vision Statement

A motion was made by Deb Lutz, and seconded by Rod Griffin to approve the changes with some minor edits. Motion approved by unanimous decision

VI. Approval of Program Learning Outcomes

A motion was made by Susan Hileman, and seconded by Lisa Groner, to approve the outcomes. Two specific changes were requested. 1) Add "attain industry credential as appropriate" to outcome 1, action. 2) Edit the action to include mock interviews with local business leaders. Motion was approved by unanimous decision.

VII. ATMAE Site Visit

Dr. Hallock informed the Advisory Board of the upcoming site visit in April. He is not sure whether the luncheon with the site team will be Monday April 7 or Tuesday April 8, but that he would inform the group as soon as a decision was made.

The Board reviewed ATMAE, our accreditation history, and discussed how we plan to attain accreditation for the BAS in 6 years.

VIII. Program Updates

Jeremy Ravotti discussed the new partnership with Ravotti Air, and gave specific examples of the job outlook, pay, and quality of life in this career.

Dr. Hallock discussed the new partnership with Global Powerline Academy and a return to our ability to offer the Electric Utility Technology concentration.

Lisa Groner updated the Board on the new Office Manager concentration in the Administration Technology degree, and PMI discussed their new takeover by Rosedale Technical School out of Pittsburgh and the transition.

IX. Upcoming Events

The next meeting will be April 7 or 8, at noon, with the ATMAE site visit team.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40am