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Classification Procedure Policy

Procedure No. 10.010
Classification Procedure
Date Issued: 06/17/91
Date Effective:  07/01/91
Issued By: Human Resources

Purpose: To outline definitions, procedures and responsibilities for the administration of the State System of Higher Education Classification System at Clarion University.


Classifications of positions are based upon the duties, responsibilities and reporting relationships inherent in a given position. The Human Resources Department is responsible for administering the state system's classification system; however, since the classification process affects all departments to some degree, familiarity with and understanding of the system is necessary. The nature of the position (permanent, temporary, full time, part-time, etc.) is determined by the Human Resources Department in conjunction with the administrative authority of the employing department. The responsibility of the Human Resources Department is then to determine the appropriate classification within the system based primarily upon departmentally defined and ultimately delegated duties and responsibilities.

Duties and responsibilities of a position evolve or change in time, which warrant a reexamination of the appropriateness of the assigned classification. Usually, duties change as a result of changing operational needs or the dependency upon the incumbent being called upon to use higher levels of knowledge, skill and ability. Employees, department heads or the Human Resources Department may request a review of a position based upon a significant increase and/or change in the responsibilities, required skills or organizational level of the position in question.

Normally, the employee making the request to have the job reviewed should fill out a Job Description Form (Attachment A) in consultation with the immediate supervisor. The Human Resources Department is available to provide assistance in this process. The employee should sign and submit the form to the immediate supervisor. At the same time the employee should send the Request for Job Review Form (Attachment B) to the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department will date stamp the Request for Review Form. The immediate supervisor should sign the Job Description Form attesting to the accuracy of the identification of necessary duties and responsibilities. The immediate supervisor then forwards the document to the appropriate managerial level for review, comment and incorporation into departmental planning. The form is then sent to the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department will then schedule a position interview involving at least the employee, the immediate supervisor and any other individual necessary to ascertain accuracy, completeness and understanding of the position. The position is then reviewed in conjunction with the State System of Higher Education Classification Specifications to determine what classification is the most appropriate for the position being reviewed.

The incumbent in the position, the immediate supervisor and the next appropriate level of management will be notified in writing as to the determination of the review and the resultant classification.

Appeal Process: Should the employee disagree with the classification determination he/she will have the opportunity to meet with the Human Resources staff to discuss the rationale. Ultimately, the employee may exercise their right to file a grievance in accordance with the appropriate labor-management contract.

At times, when a position becomes vacant, the hiring department will use the opportunity to update the job description and submit the job description form to the Human Resources Department for appropriate classification determination and posting of the vacancy.

Completing the Job Description Form

Whoever initiates the position description form should indicate whether or not it is being done for an update, a request for classification review or that it is a job description for a new position.

Section 1 should indicate the name of the incumbent in the position.

Section 2 identifies the incumbent's social security number.

Section 3 indicates who initiated the job classification request.

Section 4 identifies the department in which the position is located.

Section 5 identifies the current classification title of the position and would remain blank if it is a new position.

Section 6 should reflect the normal or usual work schedule of the employee in the position with respect to hours and days worked.

Section 7 should include a description of the major duties and responsibilities and also: the working title; the purpose and scope of responsibilities; reporting relationships; and the percentages (%) of time required to perform duties. Additional sheets of paper may be attached to complete Section 7 of the form. Statements should be comprehensive, but general in nature.

The certification section is signed and dated by the employee, attesting to the accuracy, completeness and understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Section 8 should identify the style and type of supervision exercised over the incumbent of the position.

Section 9 reflects the reporting relationships of the position to other positions within the department or work unit. This section should also identify other positions which report to the job being identified.

Section 10 should indicate the type of working relationships with or over others.

Section 11 should indicate that the supervisor has seen and had the opportunity to review the position description form with the incumbent in the position. In this section the supervisor has the opportunity to amend, delete, add to, etc., items to the job. Additional pages may be used. The intent of this section is two fold. First, in every instance, management is responsible for defining the job. Secondly, in completing this section, there is an excellent opportunity for the supervisor and the employee to reach mutual understanding as to not only the content of the job, but also as to the level of performance and expectations of the incumbent. In signing the form, the supervisor is attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the job description. In the instance of a request for classification review, the supervisor's signature in no way reflects support or denial for the incumbent to be reclassified. It attests to the accuracy of the job documentation.

The position description form should be forwarded to the next higher level of supervision and subsequently sent to the Human Resources Department for audit and proper classification.

Time Sequence

In order to insure orderly and timely classification of positions at Clarion University, the following time schedule should be referred to as appropriate for the processing of the request for classification review of a position. The time sequence begins from the time either the employee or the immediate supervisor (in the case of new or vacant positions) has completed their portion of the form.

The immediate supervisor should spend no more than two weeks reviewing and updating or modifying the form job content and reaching mutual understanding of the position with the employee. As a result of vacation, leaves of absence or operational emergencies, it may be appropriate to extend this time period.

When the form is submitted by the supervisor to the next higher level of supervision or management, no more than two (2) weeks should be required to make this level of management aware of the request and to incorporate such activity into their overall planning operations and to have the opportunity to review with the immediate supervisor and provide any additional insight into issues regarding the position.

After the form has completed review by the higher management level, it is forwarded to the Human Resources Department. Every effort will be made to respond within four (4) weeks. The Human Resources Department will respond in writing to the employee, the immediate supervisor and the next level of supervision, as to the results of the classification review.

The effective date of any classification change will be two weeks following the date the Human Resources Department received and date stamped the Request for Review Form from the employee.