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Weapons, Firearms and Dangerous Devices

Procedure No. 70.300
Date Issued: 07/09/01
Date Effective: 03/19/01
Issued By: Public Safety

Purpose: To define university policy regarding the possession of weapons, firearms and dangerous devices on campus.


Clarion University of Pennsylvania is an institution of Higher Education. As an academic environment there is no legitimate purpose to possess or control weapons, firearms or dangerous devices on University property. Weapons, firearms and dangerous devices are instruments capable of causing harm and injury to the campus population.

Accordingly, it shall be prohibited for anyone to possess or control weapons, firearms or dangerous devices at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, except as provided for in the following paragraph. Prohibition of such devices and instruments on University property is an attempt to reduce the possibility of injury to the campus population.

Exceptions to this policy include the following:

• Small canisters of pepper spray such as those sometimes carried on key chains for personal protection.
• Pocketknives and other similar devices
• Tools carried by maintenance employees in furtherance of their assigned job responsibilities.
• Weapons carried by Law Enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.

Other exceptions to this policy may be granted in appropriate circumstances by the Director of Public Safety.

A facility to temporarily store weapons is located at the Public Safety Building, Thorn 1. Failure to comply with the Weapons, Firearms and Dangerous Devices Policy, will result in campus administrative or judicial actions by the Department of Public Safety.

This policy complies with Clarion University of Pennsylvania President's authority under Act 188 to adopt policies governing the use of institutional facilities and property, and to do and perform those things necessary and required for the orderly operation of the institution.