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Early Childhood/Special Education


Early Childhood (Pre-K - 4)/Special Education (Pre-K - 8)

Many employment opportunities exist in the state of Pennsylvania and throughout the country in pre-school special education programs. The School of Education offers a program of study which will provide students interested in working with students with special needs dual certification in special education and early childhood education. Students completing this program are qualified to teach in special education programs (K-8) and early childhood programs from pre-K to grade four, as well as in special education infant stimulation and pre-school programs. Completion of the following requirements will lead to dual state certification in special education and early childhood education:

Early Childhood Core (12 credits)
ED 121: Human Development and Learning, 3 credits
ECH 235: Observation: Constr. ECH Base, 3 credits
ECH 236: Assessment & Planning: Using ECH Base, 3 credits
ED 350: English Language Learners, 3 credits

Special Education Core (20 credits)
SPED 128: High Incidence Exceptionalities, 3 credits
SPED 129: Low Incidence Exceptionalities, 3 credits
SPED 245: Applied Behavior Analysis, 3 credits
SPED 381: Special Reading and Written Instruction, 3 credits
SPED 350: Seminar: Contemporary Issues in SPED, 2 credits
SPED 462: Educational Assessment, 3 credits
SPED 482: Special Mathematics Instruction, 3 credits

Pre-K-K Block (15 credits)
Must be taken concurrently.
ECH 310: Family-Community Collaboration, 3 credits
ECH 322: Curriculum Bases for Learning and Teaching, 3 credits
ECH 323: Language, Literacy, and the Young Child, 3 credits
ECH 325: YC as Theory Builders, 3 credits
ECH 301, Child Development and Guidance, 3 credits

SPED Block (13 credits)
SPED 411: Educational Assessment Practicum, 1 credit
SPED 472: Assistive Technology, 3 credits
SPED 422: Special Education Classroom Admin., 3 credits
SPED 444: Methods and Practicum–High Incidence, 3 credits
SPED 446: Methods and Practicum–Low Incidence, 3 credits

Grades 1-4 Block (18 credits)
Must be taken concurrently.
ECH 414: Learning and Teaching Language and Literacy 1-4, 3 credits
ECH 415: Learning and Teaching Mathematics 1-4, 3 credits
ECH 416: Learning and Teaching Social Studies 1-4, 3 credits
ECH 418: Learning and Teaching Science 1-4, 3 credits
ED 417: Advanced Eduational Technology, 3 credits
HPE 410: Motor Development and Learning, 3 credits

Student Teaching (12 credits)
ECH 424: Student Teaching, 6 credits
SPED 450: Student Teaching, 6 credits

Additional General Education to total 126 credits   Total: 126 credits